Which Backup do you use?

Hi guys

I want to open this thread to talk about which engine of backup tipically you use beetween:

rsync, restic or duplicity and why you choose one over the other?

In my experience i have some problem if on nethserver i configure 2 task for example:
rsync at 1:00 pm and restic at 11:00 pm
Sometimes one of these stop working…


Hi Denis

For my clients and at home I usually use Dupilcity - for the simple reason it works, and shows on the old Server Manager and on the newer Cockpit (If configured with the old Server Manager).

This usually points to a NAS.

As all these Machines are VMs on Proxmox, I generally use Proxmox Backups to do more backups (eg twice daily or 4x / day).

PBS is so much faster!

But despite PBS, I still run a local NethServer Backup job on all NethServers (Duplicity).

My 2 cents

I use rsync to backup the data to an external hard disk as the primary backup.

As a secondary backup, I’m effectively syncing the files to an AWS S3 Bucket. This may be a bit overkill, but it did save me once when the external backup disk failed and I needed to do a restore.

The cool things about use Rsync is when i need to restore a file, simple access the destination folder et voila.

For restore single file or folder with Restyc and Duplicity i think is little bit more complex…


What do you mean with “and shows on the old Server Manager and on the newer Cockpit (If configured with the old Server Manager).” ??

If i need to create backup with dup i need tu use the old server manager? is not possible to do in Cockpit?

Since I backup to an online storageprovider over webdav, I want to be sure data is encrypted before it is sent to the online storage.
Therefor I use restic.
And as protocol I use webdav since that is a convenient method available for the online storage I use (Stack from TransIP in the netherlands) TransIP | STACK - Jouw online cloud opslag
It’s based on owncloud.


The old Server Manager and the new Cockpit can both configure Duplicity. However, the old server manager has a static name, the new one ca use any name.

So if it’s created in the old one, it will show up in both!

My 2 cents

Ok good to know @Andy_Wismer

Mostly like @Andy_Wismer I virtualize all of my NS installs through XCP-NG and perform daily/weekly snapshots & delta backups to my TrueNAS servers that are then pushed out to BackBlaze B2 buckets.

Within NethServer we use Duplicity to a local NFS share on TrueNAS that also then gets pushed to BackBlaze B2.

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Another thing important in my opinion:

For restore single file/folder how do yo do it? In Cockpit with this application Restore Data is difficult to restore file:

For example if the customer doesn’t remember the correct path to search for the lost file or folder is complex, if i type the name of the folder i get this alert:

Proxmox Backup Server for fast daily full VM/CT’s snapshots backup (retention plans, verification, cross-server sync, mail notifications, free space alerts, …)

restic (with rclone backend) as cross-platform retention-planned muti-threaded backup engine for already compressed data.

BorgBackup for other casual data (zstd compressing, retention plan) but not for Windows now, and it’s single-threaded, not so fast.

All three things above are effectively deduplicating data by independant unique encrypted chunks, ready to save into external public cloud storage, then,

rclone as multi-threaded and cloud-ready replace for rsync.

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