Which admin/administrator

NethServer Version: 7 RC3
Module: Account provider

After installing NS7, RC3, the first task was to install Samba AD as the account provider. Following that, there is a warning which says:

Enable and set a password for the admin user.

Clicking the message takes you to the “Users and Groups” page, where there are 2 entries:


Now, the use of the word “Enable” suggests that the account is currently disabled. Checking both these accounts, only the “administrator” one has an option to “Unlock”, which suggests it’s this one to change.

But the message says “admin”, which is the other one.

So which one is the message really aimed at.


Ha. I guess as someone took the time to document this, I really should RTFM. :innocent:

Now how do I mark this “solved”.


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can you let here the pointer of the documentation you read, someone will search maybe the same content one day.


At the moment it’s here, but that will probably change as NS7 moves towards production ready.



Thank you @EddieA. We will keep the “v7rc” tag in out manual for future reference!