Where's the subscription panel?

So I signed up for a subscription for my Neth 7.4 box, and have a registration token. But I can’t find the place to enter it. The manual says to “access the subscription page from the Server Manager”, but I don’t see any such page. And yes, I’ve installed all the latest updates. What am I missing?

You can install NethServer Subscription module from Software Center.

If you don’t see the subscription module from the software center, it’s probably because the yum cache isn’t expired. You can workaround using:

yum clean all
yum install @nethserver-subscription

Yes, that did it. If that requirement is documented, I haven’t seen it.

On 7.5 is going to be installed by default along with the new wiki+community+documentation box

That’s definitely a good thing. I’d think that the Subscription box should show more than just your System ID, though–it’d be better to show service level, expiration date, etc. on the dashboard. The system ID itself doesn’t give any useful information to the admin.


Already planned for the next updates, for now we have tried with a MVP approach :wink:

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