Where is Server Alias in Cockpit?

Where is Server Alias in Cockpit?

in the dashboard, hostname link, but you must be root to edit it

Should we rename that to “Hostname/Aliases”?

probably cc @dev_team

@stephdl wish there was search, I went back to the old server manager and searched for alias and voila, I see that search is a desired for cockpit.

Also, it’s curious that the Time Zone doesn’t show my Time zone… it does in the old server manager but it’s blank in Cockpit.

Also, since I’m here, :joy: when logging in with chrome, there is a password entry subbox top center of the window that does nothing, if you enter creds, it goes away and leaves you with the main page that has the login in the lower left and you have to enter creds again.

yes already asked IIRC

Yes, I noticed this behaviour also some time ago. It appears with Edge, Chrome, Opera, but not with Firefox. :thinking: (IE11 isn’t supported by cockpit anymore)

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Why not. But I will leave the choice to @filippo_carletti and @nrauso :wink:

I have already informed team about this problem…

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I wonder, in the interests of real estate perhaps just “Aliases” would be sufficient, I mean it’s obviously the hostname and it’s a link so…

@flatspin @fasttech what OS do you use, what version of chrome do you use, I cannot reproduce with fedora30 and chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Build officiel) (64 bits)


OS : Win 10 1903
Chrome : 78.0.3904
Edge : 44.18
Opera : 65

@edoardo_spadoni are you aware of this with window and chrome…this sounds maybe like an upstream issue

I never saw it with linux

Maybe it is the same issues reported here:

yes, it’s an upstream issue because the login part is left intact by nethserver-cockpit