Where are you on the net?

Just a little brief about on what we are working on with @alefattorini.

Since some days ago we are working about improve the presence of NethServer Project on Social Media. For now we are sharing the amazing things that happens inside this community.

If possible, we will be happy to mention the person who made the topic we are sharing, especially on Twitter where this is simpler.

If you agree with this we invite you to complete your profile with the indication of your Twitter username.

Discrouse profile have not a field dedicated to Twitter account link, so you can use the “about me”, entering explicity your Twitter @username with a link to you Twitter profile.

This is how I’ve made my profile as example:



There is also a specific field called Twitter con the Profile page.

It’s was just added now! It’s true?

Or am I that I have some sight problem? :flushed:

It’s my fault :slight_smile: Just added, Discourse permits custom user fields

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