When the bug in the regular version is patched?

Property times a fundamental question to the topic error corrections.

If you make error corrections in the nethserver-testing area and these are confirmed as successful, do they automatically flow into the normal (RCx) version?

The following question asks when the bug in the regular version is patched?

Slowly we have some error corrections, and it becomes confusing …


After a testing package is Verified, it’s “released” as an update to all mirrors. It’s a manual process that involves a rebuild of the package, so it usually takes some hours between the status change and the upload of the package.
Testing packages can be used until the release of the update.


When an RPM update is released, related issues on the github tracker are set CLOSED. Only RPMs related to closed issues are sent to mirrors as updates.

Somebody then comments here, under the related discussions. This is a manual step too and anybody could take care of it.

On the other hand issues still OPEN on github and labeled testing or verified should have a corresponding RPM in nethserver-testing repository.