Whatsapp category shalla list

could someone tell me the exact category of http://www.shallalist.de/categories.html that allows you to unlock access to whatsapp?

I don’t think the problem is ShallaList. You should try to bypass the proxy for whatsapp. Choose webproxy menu at servermanager, choose domains without proxy and set the following domains:


If you also use IPS, there the category is misc.


thanks for the precious information that you have shared!
I have created different filters. on the filter I called “free” I unlocked all the categories of ShallaList. whatsapp works for all profiles that use this filter. For this reason I am induced to think that it is about knowing the exact category of ShallaList.

The domain for whatsapp is found in /chat/domains


with a dot before the domain name?

does not work. the category is certainly correct, but as @m.traeumner said in the previous messages is probably a proxy problem, since the phone from which I’m testing whatsapp has the ability to set only a web proxy

there is no “domains without proxy”. there is only “host without proxy” and “sites without proxy”

I think without a dot is no problem.

Which version of nethserver do you have? I’ve 7.6

You marked my answer as solution, how did you solve it?

NethServer release 6.10 (Final)