What they did with the DHCP server on Nethserver 7.7


NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: DHCP server

What they did with the DHCP server on Nethserver 7.7, I don’t understand how to configure IP ranges for my network ?

I think you are using the new cockpit interface now and that might be a bit confusing. No worries, it is still possible to create a dhcp scope on your green interface.
When you are logged in with an admin account (or root) to the cockpit webinterface, click on the left on System and select DHCP.

Then click on the SWITCH (grey and white rectangle) and a new window opens where you can configure your DHCP scope:



Thank you for clarifying. That slider looks like it is a disable/enable item for the interface, not the enable DHCP for the interface. I had the same issue and went into into the legacy NethGUI to set it initially. I think there is an opportunity to improve the interface to be clearer. I know there are strict guidelines for the Cockpit UI, but I hope that there is some way to get better context on that slider within the guidelines.

Thanks for taking my question, but I also believe it is possible better, fortunately I found that it is possible to access the previous interface using port 980, accessed for it he did without major problems.