What´s this /spamassassin/sa-update.cron

I have a problem, this message come to my mail:

Cron <root@sdhg> /usr/share/spamassassin/sa-update.cron 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/sa-update.log

error: unable to refresh mirrors file for channel updates.spamassassin.org, using old file
channel: could not find working mirror, channel failed
30-Jan-2018 06:51:34: SpamAssassin: Update available, but download or extract failed

How can I fix or what I can do…??

Did it happen once? Maybe internet was down that time.

cat /var/log/sa-update.log

I see those errors, too, sometimes.
I think that spamassassin update servers have some problems.

If the error is “rules: failed to run FORGED_GMAIL_RCVD test, skipping:”, then this is a new problem started today because of a “wrong” rules update. It will be fixed in a few hours by the SpamAssassin team.