What needs to be said

Hello guys and girls,
Hello all comrades!

I want to say a huge praise, that what you have created is a brilliant piece of software.

Currently I have 4 Nethserver I care about something and since they are operated with NS7 are the downtime or the time you need to care very low.
Certainly here and there is not all around or it would be nice if the GUI is a bit more comfortable but those are edge problems, the core is running :slight_smile:

Thank you! all involved in this piece of software.



Hi @gerald_FS,
thanks for your great post and sorry for the late response.

Thanks too, to all the developers that coded this wonderful peace of software. But also the whole active community is involved in it. So thanks to all who posted problems, bugs, feature requests and so on.

What I want to say is, that we all, also you @gerald_FS are involved.

We are Nethserver!


Of course we are! :slight_smile: