What is your preferred OS to run NS8?

Can you share your motivation as a learning point please?

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By now i prefer Rocky Linux 9 (EL9) too. NS8 has few requirements on the base OS because it mainly runs over Wireguard, Systemd and Podman. During the months of alpha stage

  • CentOS Stream 9 updates to those package used to suddenly break our automated tests. Expecially SELinux updates for Podman.
  • Debian 11 versions of those packages are too old for our purposes, and activating an external repository is now required (but 12 could solve this issue)

I started to work on Rocky Linux 9 since it was officially provided by Digital Ocean and it immediately solved the above issues seamlessly. The EL9 platform is stable, I bet also other RHEL 9 clones are good too.

Furthermore I prefer the EL9-based OS because I hope somebody will find an in-place upgrade path from NS7 (EL7) :pray:

I maybe wrong, but I think that if such path exists, EL7 to EL9 is a shorter path than EL7 to something else.


I can see the shovel for the “in place upgrade” tomb so close…

Not sure but it is even not offered by RHEL itself, well after 10 years on a server it makes sense to reinstall it

furthermore now with the virtualization you could run another vm NS8 on the proxmox and we have some migration tools to migrate ns7 modules to NS8.

So yes we could speak about in place upgrade if you use proxmox :smiley:

Who still uses bare metal nowadays !!!

please do not shoot me :slight_smile:

Hi! :slight_smile:


Hi! :slight_smile:


On saturday I will be on stage to speak about NS8 at Toulouse

in my talk I speak about server rooms built in 2000, how they are empty now because they were designed to host plenty servers but one server for one application, just some years before the virtualization.

Now it is just one rack with a lot of empty space around because the virtualisation

The next evolution, and it is today, it is containerization


hahahaha selffulfilling prophecy…

Will there any available recording of that please?

Yes. And… no way!

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I think yes but recorded and saved in YT or equivalent. However you will have to train your French

Hi all,

November 26, 2022
Rocky Linux 9.1 Available Now


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