What is your devbox workstation?

Well I’m just asking what is the OS you use to code and if it is a real computer or a VM @dev_team

I use a centos7 minimal (no GUI, no desktop) in a virtual environment with VirtualBox5.1. I run principally Vim, mock, git, diff.

If I ask this, it is sometime I think to get all of this running on the OS of my laptop(fedora), but I worry of the updates each 6 months :’(

Of course my VM is saved by backupPC

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I build packages for NethServer 7 on my Fedora, which I use for everything.
I’ve updated from 23 to 24 and 25 without breaking the mock env for NethServer.
AFAIK, @giacomo and @davidep have similar setups (I followed their advice).

I usually build packages for NethServer 6 on a NethServer 6 VM (vbox), simply because I always worked there and never find time to move it to Fedora. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will have a go on this, sometime I think that a real editor could save time :slight_smile:

As Filippo said I use Fedora in my workstation, with nethserver-mock installed.

I also have a couple of tweaks:

  • mock uses tmpfs for builds
  • a bigger mock tmpfs for building very large rpms (like asterisk-sounds)

I also recommend a SSD hard disk, it’s a game changer :wink:


And now the Windows Guy :slight_smile:
I use Windows 10 with Hyper-V feature enabled. The Linux stuff (Nethserver) is in a VM in that environment.
Usually I don’t develop for Linux (except .Net Core) but I use some programs that are running on Linux (Nethserver with Apache, Mails and UTM, Bitbucket, Jira) and of cause some gameservers are running on Linux too to save the Windows Licenses (mainly Ark, Minecraft).
For my dev Stuff I use Microsoft Visual Studio, SourceTree and the Xamarin Studio and for my Windows Mobile development also the Windows Mobile Emulator (best Emulator on the market compared to the default Android and iOS Emulator :slight_smile: )
Backups… the important stuff is auto synced with my local NAS, Onedrive or it is on my GIT-Server that is located on a root server in a datacenter of a well known German provider.


Bitbucket and Jira on NethServer? Did I understand correctly?

Jepp. But it was alot of try and error. Don’t ask me how I managed to run it.


Now on Fedora25, all is going well…fun to code with a mouse


My workstation is running openSUSE (version 13.2 – I use this version because I prefer KDE v4 branch and do not like the later KDE / Plasma5 interface – KDE4 is a pain to install on newer distributions and most distributions are now ditching the v4 branch in favour of the newer version, therefore until there is a fork for KDE4, I am not intending to upgrade my workstation OS).

Like most sysadmins, I spend a lot of time either within a web browser (using Firefox for NS, CPanel, Webmin and other web based interfaces) or within bash and SSH based terminal session (mainly using Links2, Midnight Commander and Vim).

I do have a few Virtualbox sessions on my workstation with various operating systems installed (MS Win XP, MS Win7, Intel based Android, ReactOS and a few other systems).

I also do have a couple of other real computers that are on my LAN that I use as development environments and various network monitoring / backup / infrastructure tools (as well as some KVM / Qemu based VMs – generally used to test various firewall and other infrastructure based distributions).

At the moment I am porting some of my services (and creating some new services) to a VPS hosting provider that is based within Italy.

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@stephdl, If you mainly use console based sessions and want to have some fun with an alternative GUI that doesn’t need to rely on the usage of a mouse or other pointing device, could I suggest that you have a look at the Ratpoison desktop environment.