What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

Does anyone ever track these feature request? It might be cool to have a list. Requester will have an idea if this has been requested and what happened, why not possible…and perhaps a link to the post if not too much to ask for. :slight_smile:

Zimbra - not possible due to LDAP or some thing
OCS Inventory - yes in 6.7 no in 7
FengOffice - …

Just something like this…a spreadsheet will do better.


Maybe you can add a page inside the wiki? @alefattorini what do you think?

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Good idea. IMHO making a list is not a big effort, maintaining it could be a bit more complicated.
I would scan this thread and the #feature category looking for requested features and actual status
I would certainly give it a go starting with a new post into #howto
@vhinzsanchez do you have some time to get right on that? Others may help along the way

@alefattorini, have been busy. Can’t commit to anything right now. My apologies.

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Hi… It would be awesome have the possibility to create an account with just some modules activated. For example, create an operator account with only access to web proxy module and manage only ACL agregation. Something like Webmin has. (Actually, I prefer Nethserver for its simple and manageable interface).

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Hi @lldm30,

The possibility already exists:



OMG! … I will definetly try this… thanks a LOT! :smile:


A cockpit-style info page but more info, love the way cockpit lets you view logs but would love a way to view and manage logs. I mean I usually ssh in and view but i do like the cockpit-style info.

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Look at our Conference agenda and NethServer next UI :slight_smile:

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You can try a new version

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Definitely this topic must live and continue !

Please, go on with Ideas and Needs :slight_smile:

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I am really surprised that there is no installation package for Wordpress.

There is, as you already know:

I didn’t’ recognized it as package before. But now I know, it is a very useful offer. I still do not understand why such solutions are not offered as software packages.


It is offered as a software package. The wiki page you used to install it says so. Is your question why Neth doesn’t show it in the Software Center? The answer to that is no doubt that the core Neth devs have limited resources, and this isn’t something they’re prioritizing for Neth core.

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@stephdl and @mrmarkuz can help you to create a new package if you need :smiley:

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Though I’m sure they’re much more skilled than I, I’m capable of creating my own packages, though I’m not intending to create a package here–@stephdl already did. I’m still not sure what Marko’s complaint is, unless it’s that Wordpress isn’t a module provided by Neth within the software center.

I don’t understand why you accused me of complaining, just as I didn’t understand your snide answer.
For clarification: The thread means figuratively: “hey people, what are you missing?”. I bought that to express some wishes or to give suggestions.

I only expressed that I am surprised that apparently existing packages offered offside are not available in the SW-Center, especially since I successfully used it with support, as you could easily see in the thread because you kindly recommended me to read it.

Where do you see a complaint? Why do you have to accuse me of this repeatedly now?
I apologize that I have no idea how complicated it is to integrate an apparently existing software package into the Software Center.

@capote @danb35
I think there is a slight Babylonian problem arising here. Due to non-native English things are being misunderstood.
I suggest to stop this now and return on-topic.
Thank you both for the contributions so far.