What is the Limit for Nethserver

I work in a Private university with relatively small student group as compared to other public universities. Is there a limit of users for a nethserver system. Assuming i buy a much powerful hardware of say xeon processor 16 core or better, 16GB RAM, 4terabyte HDD, 2 to 6 NIC. i will want to setup one single server running all the services and do a clone for backup. My student number is about 300 now and all things being equal if we should get full admission, we will not be more than 1000 or1500. Lets target 1500. Will Nethserver work for me, and what advise will you give. IS the limit on hardware resources or the software itself wont handle beyond a certain point.

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This higly depends what services you are going to install and use. And with those services, it highly depends on configuration of those services.
If you want to use the Firewall/Gateway modules and the proxy module, a lot depends on how many rules you need to implement. These can take a lot of resources when there are many simultaneous connections.

On the other hand, a windows server with similar services will at least need the same amount of resources, and my gut feeling says, it will take more. (I am curious what you find!)

NethServer does scale well. If you find you need more resources you can easily add another server to your domain. With the last iteration of Samba4 account provider you can join an existing domain. IMO it is a good idea to have 2 servers anyway. If 1 server fails, you have a 2nd server available.


Hi @siddique,

There are no software limits AFAIK. I know about running installations with ~1500 users and LDAP accounts provider. During server-manager development I tested ~10.000 users and AD accounts provider. The UI works but slows down.

I can’t help with HW requirements.


Waaww. this is great to hear.

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