What is the correct way to correct the system time?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: chronyd and affected services

I had to / wanted to go back to a snapshot of a Nethserver VM.
As a result, the system time was also taken from the snapshot. I hadn’t considered that.

The system time has not automatically corrected itself (the server has not been restarted since then). After almost two days, the system time was still 8 hours and 7 minutes behind.

Therefore I “nudged” the cronyd service:

chronyc -a makestep

After that, the system time was correct, but that remains a question.
The documentation states that certain services should be restarted after each system time change.

However, the exact procedure is not clearly described.

Could someone please explain which is the correct way to correct the system time (for whatever reasons) and which is the correct way to restart the dependent services or to make them aware of the new system time?

For the sake of completeness, the question refers to the sub-variants:
with and without changing the time zone.

Regards yummiweb

There’s your problem–or at least, that’s how I correct the time whenever I roll back to a snapshot.