What is the best practice for adblocking?


My Nethserver installation is running well.
But I want now to adblock all ads for all my network.

I remenber make such system with my Raspberry with dnsmasq and pixelserv.
I remenber reading about adblocking with iptables
I know that the proxy can do that…

But finally, what is the best pratice for adblocking?
Is one method is convenient or combining two or three methods is even better?

How can we make a good adblocker module for Nethserver?

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Out of the box, there’s the “advertisement” category in the web filter.
Combining approaches may lead to better results.

I suppose that dnsmasq blocked hosts it is better then enable proxy and content filter :slight_smile:

Faster and lighter.
I found this:

Feature at the bottom of my long todo list. :frowning:
Any brave soul tackling the challenge?

This link is awesome, i’ve already read it in the past…
And I’m asking myself: is the Netserver gui could “serve” the 1*1 pixel gif?

There another dnsmasq method without pixelserv:

it would be great to make Dot in dns section to enable AdBlock

I think it could, because we do it for web filter block page.

Strangely I didn`t see this option at first look !!!

What is the origin of this blocking ads category?
Is it pgl.yoyo.org?

Edit: I 've got the answer

@jim do you wanna try? :smile: