What is our timetable for pushing upstream updates

A few posts ago I made mention that my ClearOS servers were sitting on a lot of updates.

I worked through those servers… but I have yet to see those updates hit my NS installs.

Updates like Apache as a single example, there are a number of changes, particularly in ssl from 39 to 47 as well as openssl and openssh.

So why have these updates been available for ClearOS for a couple of weeks but we haven’t pushed them out, particularly for outward facing services?

CentOS 6.7 was released on August, but we are still on 6.6, so we are two months late!

Good news are NethServer 6.7 is almost out :smile:
And once it is released we will pull updates directly from upstream.

I think we must improve the development process to avoid such delays…

So, having upgraded an install to 6.7 I’m still left with the question of… when are we going to push the upstream updates for apache, openssl, openssh, samba…

The answer is: updates are released at same moment upstream does.
In fact, centos-updates repository always point to upstream.

The problem arises when there is a new CentOS release and we are not ready to quickly build a new version.
BUT, you can always enable the updates repo which IS the upstream repo and get all upstream updates.
We usually delay this switch only because we want to test various modules.


Well, hello.

changelog stats. 177 pkgs, 103 source pkgs, 103 changelogs

I’d like to follow CentOS closely, removing the delay after a new minor release.