What is Nethserver Enterprise?

What is Nethserver enterprise and what is it’s relation to community-Nethserver and Subscription-Nethserver?

There are several things you need to be aware of.

NethServer is an opensource project

Nethesis is an Italian company that is the main contributor behind NethServer. Besides the free and opensource nethserver project they offer several commercial things.

  • there are several subscription options that add the option to get professional support on NethServer. The subscriptions also add a “stable repository” so you have a smaller chance updates break your NethServer instance.
  • Besides subscriptions Nethesis offers special configurations: https://www.nethesis.it/#soluzioni These are custom modified, fully monitored and supported instances.

IMO there is nothing wrong with adding commercial services around an opensource project. It is not so that the project is a crippled version of the payed services. The updates pushed to nethserver are always tested and are as stable as possible.
For instance the delayed repository is an extra layer of adding stability to nethserver updates. If you would like to have this option without paying for subcription, you can create your own ‘delayed repository’ since the code for this repository (‘project dartagnan’) is also opensource.


Yeah, I missunderstood something. I don’t know whether you read my deleted comment, but of course there never was anything wrong with offering additional paid services(or make it paid all together); it’s just that I hate false advertising(open source or not :smile:) but I took false conclusions.

Ehi man, you’re welcome here.
What do you mean with false advertising?

I thought it was false advertising, but I gravely misunderstood something

@alefattorini is a good person: he does not make false advertising! :stuck_out_tongue: I take this opportunity to thank Nethesis team for everyday work. Thank you guys! :top:


Thank you!:grin: