What if William Shakespeare had written a Linux LAMP tutorial?

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Hi @michelandre

William Shakespeare was a master of English - at least in Literature, most will agree…

I could not say the same for the author of that article: The question in the title isn’t answered at all by the provided Text by GPT - that only shows what the tutorial may have looked like, if written in the prose of asaid Shakespeare.


It does not answer if he would have been burned on the stake for being a hexer / witch / whatever…
Or would he have been hung, drawn and quartered?
Will the spelling of Kebap be changed?

The really interesting stuff all remains unanswered!

Simply adding in the phrase ChatGPT seems to make people ignore basic english grammar and sentence building, among other aspects of AI…


My 2 cents

Not to mention legal research:

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I read that one on CNN, was hilarious!

Due Dillligence does not only have financial aspects…

My 2 cents

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