What font did you use for the Nethserver logo?

Hi guys, I’m preparing a cd label for Nethserver and I want to use the same font of the logo for some additional informations. So… What the font?

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Good question!

@nethcman @alefattorini do you know it?

This question has not answer yet?!? It’s important for the graphical charter… :smirk:

Hi @andrea @Jim

And the font of Nethserver logo is…! :tada: Pero


:sunglasses: :+1:

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Pero comes close, but look closely to the ‘e’ The shape is absolutely different.

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You are right Rob .
Much seems at first glance.

These are the other fonts of the author of “Pero” . Apparently it is a commercial font

I think this one comes closest: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/flat-it/all-round-gothic/
It’s time @alefattorini shines a light on this… :smiley:

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Added to your observation about the letter “e” particularly caught my eye the height of the letter “h” and the lower end of the letter “t” .

I suspect some possible derivation collections Flat-it . Neither similar matches exactly

The logo was built by a graphic designer, I bet he did something by hand.

Maybe @nethcman has more information on this…


Perhaps it will be better to find this information before bad things happen.
In this world, there’s bad guys that explore any weakness to suit, devious normal use and other thing I can’t imagine.

For theses reasons others communities had to protect their logo, and make guideline howto use the logo ( Gentoo, Debian…)

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Thanks guys. I agree with Giacomo. The logo is a mashup of some other fonts modified by a graphic designer.

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@Jim is absolutely right. You don’t want to get a lawsuit because some moneyhungry idiot claims he has the rights on a font. There for an exact description of the logo is a must.

All right :thumbsup:

Now the shamans of the tribe have to give us the way as we support the use of this image to promote NS .

The examples which refers @Jim are a good start :wink:

Give me a couple of days to get in touch with the legal guy, then I will post here the guidelines to gather all your opinions.

At the end, we will create a new page with all legal info.

Edit: see also this https://www.centos.org/legal/trademarks/


Here you are a preview of trademark policy: http://www.nethserver.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=trademarks_and_logo_usage_policy

You’re free to use logo and trademarks for non commercial use.

What do you think? :smile:

We are waiting from the graphic designer a full list of spec of all logos.


Why restrict it for non commercial use? This would limit (small) companies to use and advertise with NS as a solution for their businessplan.

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I’m Agree with @robb.

It has crossed my mind an event with Jokte!, or the intranet, where it can promote to NS, for example, by selling Mugs with the logo of the tribe.
Maybe shirt whit the legend: Jokte! :blue_heart: Nethserver … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s only an example.

It may be that for business purposes, however small, we should notify the Neth-shamans… Finally it is advertising and opportunity to new followers/customers to Nethesis

It reminds me of our history in Latin America with Joomla!®. From Chile and Argentina this forum CMS had the largest number of inquiries, but restrictions promote the brand/logo were barbaric. They came to make demands on specific PANTONE “our derivations logos”. Meanwhile a company in Europe generated a lot of money with that CMS and could do what he wanted.

It’s riskless…
Imagine a bad guy in a far courtry that use the log to make illegal business!!!
When it’s prohibit, the trademark owner can protect itself.
Whitout this the trademark owner can suffer consequences ( i.e lawsuit )

If your have lot of mug, you can give them… Not sell them.
I want one :grin:

As suggested (privately) by Alessio, I just added this sentence:

  • You may not use Word Marks and Logos for commercial use unless explicitly granted by Nethesis.
    For example, a consulting company can describe its business as “123 Web Services, offering WordPress consulting for small businesses,” but cannot call its business “The NethServer Consulting Company.” Similarly, a business related to NethServer themes can describe itself as “XYZ Themes, the world’s best NethServer themes,” but cannot call itself “The NethServer Theme Portal.”
    Please note that it is not the goal of this policy to limit commercial activity around WordPress. We encourage NethServer-based businesses, and hundreds of them are thriving while in compliance with this policy.

This is from Trademark Policy – WordPress Foundation.

Is it better?

You absolutely can…well, you should! :stuck_out_tongue:
See this section:

You may make promotional goods for free giveaway at open source conferences and events using only the designs found on our site.

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As @giacomo already said the non-commercial use is better described on the Wordpress explanation. @robb what do you think about?