What do you suggest me as VPS hosting?

I know only Digital Ocean, do you have any other suggestion? I want to install NethServer on it
Price, bandwidth, performance?


Your options are limited: Xen VPS hosting would be an option and they can be a bit expensive (KVM providers usually have their own templates).


Thanks but I can install all VPS hosting which support CentOS installation

Right, good point, I didn’t consider that. You can check out http://atlantic.net, they offer only one KVM for 0.99$ USD per customer. They have very awesome Live Support and the servers are pretty stable. They claim it’s on SSD however the performance is not much but it is totally worth it.



I’m using hostgator, and its not bad at all, centos based, you can purchase
whm and cpanel, or use blueonyx or other interface, maybe nethserver :smiley:


I worked for Rackspace for a year. They have Centos images ready to go. It is also possible to use your own disk image if you don’t mind using the API to do it. Performance wise I doubt you will find better. Price is going to be more though. They do provide some very good support ( I was there and have the t-shirt :wink: ) .

Ehi thanks for your advice and welcome aboard!
I love Rackspace and I’m so geolous to hear this from you (and I want that T-shirt obviously)
How Rackspace is from the inside?

I have a few of them actually. I even have the collectable “Devops” t-shirt :wink: Rackspace is a company caught in the throws of change. There are some wonderful people working there (Gio, Taylor, Nancy I am talking about you) but the company is becoming a “large” company and struggling somewhat with its culture and identity. Some of the customers were an absolute joy to work with (Appboy – John hat tipped your way) and some not so much (this space intentionally left blank) It was an experience that is for sure.

I know this is an old topic, but since you are in Italy, you can have a look at arubacloud: https://www.arubacloud.com/
They are VERY cheap and easy to use.

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