What did you have for lunch or dinner today? 🍕

Inspired by this, there are days where we can’t decide what to eat for dinner / lunch. Now NethServer users are from all over the world, so why not ask them? What did you have today? What would you recommend? Pics are welcome! :hamburger: :pizza: :poultry_leg:



Mozzarella cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Parma ham
Spicy salami
Tomato sauce

BURP! (ups!, pardon!)


Such great ingredients! :grinning: :fire:

Today just a salad for me :anguished:

Here is mine. It doesn’t look that good like yours, but it sure did taste awesome. :slight_smile:

Liver-Noodles soup with vegetables
Chili Beans

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It’s some typical Hungarian food?

I miss Budapest…

Well, not the Chili beans, but sort of. :slight_smile: You don’t want to be here now. Long story short: Politics. Somebody get me out of here! :smiley:

I know, but Hungary is a beautiful Country.

I drove up there some times and I like the countryside and the style of the little villages there :slight_smile:

Only three people eat here?

other people live only of computer?

Ehi @ambassadors_group what about your lunch/dinner today?
@greavette @JOduMonT @Bart @syntaxerrormmm @Hunv @laframba @Jclendineng @tboston @Patrick_de_Jongh @Simplimus @denis.robel

Fava beans with fried black chorizo and bacon (Mediterranean cuisine - south of Portugal).


Sounds delicious, pics needed!



French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy? :astonished:

It’s poutine sauce! (not sure how to describe it lol)


Being Canadian Poutine is near and dear to my heart…If I could I would give more than one like to your post @laframba :slight_smile:

For lunch I’m having pancakes with Maple Syrup!


Ok, I’m definitively hungry now!

Next time (it won’t take long - a week or so).

I tried a new recipe for pizza. Not the classic Italian version, sorry guys :wink:
Regarding the description it should be like the one at Pizza Hut. I never was at Pizza Hut before, but the recipe was good.
Something different compared to the Italian version I usually make with a thin base. That brings a little bit more variation to the pizza :smiley:

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Chicken with beans, bell peppers and potatoes with sweet paprika


Restaurant? Or did you cook it by yourself? :astonished: