What are your hobbies and sports?

Besides the IT, what are your hobbies or sports?

I take inspiration from @stephdl

@ambassadors_group @maddin

As you read…my bike was stolen, and for me there was no necessary to buy a new one till now.

My Hobbies are my family, my dog, my house and my nethserver :smiley:

Sport - in summer I play tennis(when other see me playing they call this different!) and at the moment I try to loose some pounds by moving some pounds…1,2,3,4…15 pause, 1,2,3,4…15 pause and 1,2,3,4…15 - next machine etc.

And you yourself?

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I spend most of my time with several communities. With on top NethServer community. I just get a great amount of satisfaction from helping this great community and working towards my own independency of starting a company of my own, where NethServer definitively will be part of.
Furthermore I used to be involved in the makerworld as a volunteer at a fablab where I managed the computers. I finally received my own 3D printer and the past week I have spent a LOT of hours building the printer and doing the first tests.
I want to offer 3D printservices through 3Hubs.com and when this takes off, also investigate how I can offer this to primary and secondary schools.
My hobby will become my job… :slight_smile:


Most of my free time I spend with my wife and my daughter, she is five years old.
I bycicle with her and I know every plyground in our neigbourhood :joy:
Sometimes we go jogging.
Without my daughter I play darts.



I spend lot of my time with my daugther
And try to maintain myself with a modest 6km run/walk each two days…


At home or in some kind of pub?

It’s no a small thing every two days. Here in Nethesis we try to go jogging at least two days a week, during the launch time.

So cool man! I can’t wait to see your first tests

In my spare time I usually stay away from the computer! :smiley:

Beside my morning swim, I enjoy very much scuba diving around Italy and much more in exotic locations.
While traveling, my principal hobby is to take some picture of the local culture while tasting some local food!


Taking my car out for a leisurely drive.



@EddieA Love those. I solo’d my Spitfire for a while way back when, before I lost a couple of wheels.

@alefattorini I take my Gary Fisher sugar II out when I can.

I play in a dart-league in pubs and training at home.

Lotus Elise?

I’m astonisched how many of you are parents. The young IT-generation has grown up it seems. :smile:

Me to. Most of the spare time I spend with my family. In winter I like skiing. In summer it’s a bit difficult to find enough time for all. I’m doiing sailing on the lake of constance, motorcyling everywhere in the alps, some bicycling and some hiking. Both “some” should be more to loose some pounds, but… :blush:

But my best hobby is nethserver, because I can do it at work. :wink:


@EddieA So cool!! great video too

@fasttech is it a bike? Right? We want some pics

@m.traeumner dart-league in pubs?? Sounds professional :fearful:

@flatspin even italian alps? With your moto?

I guess my son and wife get all my free time. I’m used to jogging sometimes, reading as many book as I can on my kindle and going out with friends

Yes of course. Most in the region around stelvio/bromio/gavia, parko dell’alto garda (croce domini/maniva/val vestino) and from lago di garda up to the dolomiti. But unfortunately i wasn’t in the region of the val aosta and south from it yet. But some day I will!!

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It is :joy:, in germany it’s not so popular like football but we have many leauges and you have the chance to rise up to federal division.

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@flatspin Nice, I put a bit of miles on my 640 adv… all over the US southwest, death valley, north rim of the grand canyon. We also did a motorcycle tour of central europe several years ago on a couple of bmw’s from Munich in a big circle through France, Austria… glorious!


Close, but look at the rear. It’s a Lotus Exige S.



Hi Rob!

Can you do that?



Nice one… Probably can do it but not in 24 hours… :stuck_out_tongue: (make it 24 years… lol)


My wife and I have 6 kids, and spending time with them consumes most all of my time when I’m not at work. Aside from spending time with my family, my hobbies consist of trying to find additional work on the side, playing with NS and my lab at home, and reading here.