What are you working on this week 05/10/2020

I’m looking for a way to blast at nil the whole DNS cluster/group/farm of one of the biggest ISP in italy, which today unabled up a lot of HSTS connection providing the wrong name on the certificate.

Screwing up several business connection that relied on DNS of that cluster/group/farm.

Customer were pixxed for most of the day, now i am pixxed a bit more, thanking CloudFlare, Google and some other unreliable companies for a nice forwarder.

Where the hell is my BGF9000 BFG9000?
(courtesy of @robb for the spellcheck)

(The destructive part just kidding, pixxed of unfortunately not. But now things are working).


I am so busy that a day should have 30 hours and a week 10 days.
Busy with:
Setting up a communications server on top of NethServer in preparation of the community meeting during Fosdem 2021 (stay tuned!) @mrmarkuz and @oneitonitram are doing a great job helping and documenting all. Goal is to have a Matrix Synapse with Jitsi meet so we can have an online community event with presentations.
Besides that I started the Linux Foundation bootcamp course for cloud admin (5 modules and 2 exams, Linux admin and Kubernetes admin)
Furthermore, I am busy exploring some Speaker-hacking by transforming an old speaker into a Bluetooth speaker with batterypack and fancy loadmanagement and illuminated switchbuttons.
What did I miss… I’ve been watching loads of video’s about building batterypacks and even rebuilding old and disposed powertools. Man I have too little time to do everything (and I am lousy in planning) LOL

BTW it’s a BFG 9000… (and back in the days I have wasted too many hours on Doom…)


Well, this week for me is a mouthful one.

As @robb has mentioned above, were deploying a goto NEthserver install.

On the other hand,I am setting up a new WISP bsuiness in our local region. So i deployed a server with UNMS. have been studying and trying to understand how to use Edgerouter and many other things networking concerned.
Learning how to setup PtP and PtMP wireless internet distribution(all new to me) i mostly have no idea what i am doing.

WIll be deploying an updated version of https://www.manager.io/ accounting software for a client.
Installation here https://www.manager.io/server/installation/ubuntu/

Someone showed me a docker variant, will try to install it on Nethserver and see how that goes.

Ill also be offering an office365 alternative to clients in our region. will be deploying a test/demo server of the solution. thn latr deploy a server cluster for the same. to be offwered as SAAS

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Will that be Nextcloud + onlyoffice/Collabora? :wink:

Well, i wish i had the resources to make those kind of modifications to offer it as such.

No, its not.but there is a friend who has made necessary modifications for that. https://www.office2.io/

Next to working on a conferencing project with @robb and @oneitonitram I’d like to release a nethserver-savapage update…

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Yes, actually this very morning. From start to finish this took me 2 hours to setup with Email & SOGo, SAMBA4/AD, Mattermost and Nextcloud.

If it’s of your interest:

Thanks for the link. I already had the link to her channel in my bookmarks… :slight_smile: