What Are You Watching Now?

Do you have any preferred Tv Series? Tell us what television, movies or videos you are watching now…
Currently, I’m a big fan of Walking Dead!
Watching Billions, Fortitude and How to Get Away with Murder

Tagging some TV experts like @mamengoni @edoardo_spadoni @giacomo @Stll0

Just “The Voice” (France)

The Walking Dead
Marvel Agents of Shield

The Walking Dead
The Man in the High Castle
The 100
The Magicians

Is “Vikings” so cool? @Schawy @alexcsilva

I am a big italian X-factory fan :smiley: I enjoy it

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:+1: .

The Walking Dead rocks!!

Also watching Better Call Saul, a spinoff from Breaking Bad

Waiting for Season 3 of Mr Robot!


Mr Robot!!! :sunglasses: I have to complete the first series!

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after Cristina Scuccia there can be just - nothing…:wink:

Legion, The Expanse.

Done with WD, fuck those writers.

Just saw Logan… best Marvel movie ever, wonderful performances from Jackman and Stewart, just awesome.

Are you sure? You’re making me curious

I am watching how my 3D printer prints… Oh… that’s not a braodcasted series… maybe I should add a webcam :smiley:


Uh, yes?

It’s not anything like x-men or avengers… it’s not unlike an old American western, about man, his devils and redemption, it’s an actual story, along the lines of Netflix’s DareDevil.

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I’m trying to watch all Star Trek series on Netflix (when i have time to do it…)

Zero Day; a documentary on Stuxnet

Any new TV Series to watch?

Some Anime on Netflix

13 reasons why. Pretty good series, and Homeland :smiley:

Server logs. I’m watching server logs.


Well ??