What are the system requirements for nethserver?

**NethServer Version: Latest
What are the system requirements for netserver? As the gateway gives a very long page. Until put to the test in the organization, it is necessary to change the default gateway on ubuntu is very old. But the old ubuntu is very fast to open pages, and through nethsrver for a long time, although through him the only one I connected. What can be the reason?

The answer depends on the services activated, hardware used and number of users
Can you add some detail?

The gateway is assembled on the old Cisco ironport . Intel® core™2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86 GHz 4 GB of RAM. Installed packages:

nethserver-backup-config.noarch 1.5.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-backup-data.noarch 1.2.3-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-bandwidthd.noarch 1.0.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-base.noarch 3.0.18-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-collectd.noarch 3.0.4-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-diagtools.noarch 1.0.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-dnsmasq.noarch 1.6.4-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-duc.noarch 1.4.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-firewall-base.noarch 3.1.6-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-firewall-base-ui.noarch 3.1.6-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-hosts.noarch 1.2.1-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-httpd.noarch 3.1.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-httpd-admin.noarch 2.0.9-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-httpd-proxypass.noarch 3.1.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-lang-en.noarch 1.1.8-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-lang-ru.noarch 1.1.8-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-letsencrypt.noarch 1.1.3-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-lib.noarch 2.2.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-lightsquid.noarch 1.1.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-lsm.noarch 1.2.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-mail-smarthost.noarch 0.1.1-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-nethforge-release.noarch 7-0.3.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-ntopng.noarch 1.4.1-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-ntp.noarch 1.1.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-nut.noarch 1.3.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-openssh.noarch 1.2.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-openvpn.noarch 1.4.7-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-phonehome.noarch 1.2.1-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-php.noarch 1.2.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-pulledpork.noarch 2.0.1-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-release.noarch 7-3.ns7 installed
nethserver-restore-data.noarch 1.2.3-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-smartd.noarch 1.1.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-squid.noarch 1.5.3-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-sssd.noarch 1.1.9-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates
nethserver-suricata.noarch 1.0.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-virtualhosts.noarch 1.0.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
nethserver-vsftpd.noarch 1.1.0-1.ns7 @nethserver-base
Basically need a gateway and all that it involves and vpn. Wanted to remove postfix, but after that there are many errors. There are many services which are not needed but are installed by machine, although the relationship can not see.

Why do you want to remove it? What is your goal?

If it’s for performances and to free system resources I think it wouldn’t help.

I think it would interfere with the already-configured spam filter on multiple domains and multiple mail servers.

In a system with a list of packages like yours, Postfix acts as client only. Helps with sending alert messages to the admin, it does not receive mail.

My system enough for the gateway and vpn or need a system fast? Or is it my hands?))

Requirements for a gateway are very low.
We often use this hardware https://www.pcengines.ch/apu2.htm (2GB RAM) for office like ours: 40+ devices, with heavy network traffic loads, vpn, ssl transparent proxy, we filter and ndpi.