What are the differences between ownCloud/NextCloud?

I realise that NextCloud is a fork of OwnCloud, what, if any, are the differences between these two products?

Also, I have been reading about developments to integrate LibreOffice with OwnCloud (re: Collabora / Libreoffice Online), is there any similar developments to integrate an office productivity suite (eg. Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager etc.) with Nextcloud?

I have been looking at OpenXchange lately and been interested in the integration of using it as a collaborative communication platform (eg. the ability of combining a VoIP / SIP / IAX based softphone, XMPP based instant messenger client and the ability of having a video communications within the framework), is there any chance that these features will be supported within future releases of NextCloud?

At the moment they have fairly the same features.
OwnCloud core is opensource, enterprise features aren’t. NextCloud will keep all features open source.
OwnCloud forked to create Nextcloud

Yes. Collabora Online 1.8 with LO 5.1 and new features

See Integrating secure, private video and audio chat in Nextcloud

You can follow the discussion in this thread:


As you already know NethServer has switched to Nextcloud from version 7 and developers have built the software packages for the community to easy install and update the app.

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Yes, Nextcloud comes with some Enterprise Features like Theming and more. You can create your own free cloud account under https://ocloud.de - oCloud supports Nextcloud and Owncloud and your favorite cloud will be online in few seconds.

Hi Frank, happy to see you here and thanks for your advice. Did you try it on NethServer yet? What are your feelings?

I thought it would be sensible to share that Nextcloud 11 is out, bringing a massive number of improvements over Nextcloud 10 (that is, ownCloud 9.1 plus enterprise features). Read about it in our release blog.

A quick summary:

I guess I should also mention that Nextcloud is now the largest, most active open source file sync and share project and the company is profitable and growing.

Let me know if you have questions :smiley:


Hi, thanks for the reminder, happy to see you around. :slight_smile:
And congratulations for the efforts all of you are putting into Nextcloud!

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Thanks for heads-up on this one Jos, that’s an old post but we’re already working on 11 integration. We’re a bit late due to Christmas holdays :slight_smile: @alep

He, late he says - I would suggest to wait for 11.0.1 anyhow. Should come later this week :smiley:

Good to know, thank you!

I was starting to work on the new rpm :slight_smile:

FYI: sadly, we have a very nasty bug - https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2910 - until it is resolved we won’t release 11.0.1.


Hi Frank

Do you own https://ocloud.de ? What architecture did use for this consumer service? I am not sure that a single instance of nextcloud alone can be implemented to compete with dropbox.

Hi all,

I thought I should update you on our upcoming Nextcloud 12 release (FYI, this is re-posted from another topic here). We published our beta today with a huge load of improvements focused around more collaboration and communication integration. Stuff like:

  • Spreed audio/video chat has matured a lot and features screen sharing apps for Chrome and Firefox.
  • We introduced push notifications (!) so you get notified instantly of calls, comments, shares and so on. Client support coming around 12 release or a bit later.
  • We introduced a menu so you can click an user avatar and (video) call, chat or mail them. Next to your avatar top-right is also a contacts menu with all your contacts and these actions.
  • You can share files or folder via email to multiple users, and set permissions individually. A video of this in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhFnbB-a7ik
  • The Circles app allows users to create and manage groups and share with them. There’s also a guest account app and the ability for admins to impersonate users.
  • downloadActivty lets users track when files are downloaded from a public share and internal shares can have an expiration date
  • Public links to files can be made writable, which means you can have a collaborative Collabora Online document editing session with people who have no account on your server.

Besides these features, we of course worked further on hardening Nextcloud against break in, adding rate limiting, new authentication mechanisms for clients and server (this way clients will support OAuth, 2FA, SAML etcetera), signed upgrades and more. We also fixed a massive amount of bugs, improved performance and developed a range of improvements for system administrators to improve integration in enterprise infrastructure.

You can find no less than 10 videos showing Nextcloud 12 features in this playlist on YouTube and of course - learn more in the announcement!

Go grab the beta and let us know what you think on our forums :wink:


Great news Jos, thank you for sharing!

There is a very thorough and up to date post here called Nextcloud vs ownCloud – The Whole Story - https://civihosting.com/blog/nextcloud-vs-owncloud/ which details all the differences between ownCloud and Nextcloud.

Check it out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, great article :slight_smile: Very useful for newcomers to this kind of clouds

It would be great to have a thing similar, comparing NethServer with our competitors

What do you think? Can you do that on your blog? So we can share it :slight_smile:

That is a very interesting idea. I will discuss it with my boss and see if it’s possible.

Thank you.

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Let me know how I can help, so i can split this discussion