What app / diary do you use to register your daily server changes?


With the growing number of servers I administrate I sometimes loose the track and feel the need to keep a diary and notepad of the interventions I do on the server (server characteristics, updates, installations, small personal howto, tip&tricks, …).

My wish list :

  • Notes stored in the cloud (web server, nextcloud, …)
  • Notes can be sorted by creation date
  • Syntax highlighting and Markdown enabled
  • Search engine

I currently use Quiver and am pretty happy with it (except for the second requirement) but it has multiple sync issues when used on more than one machine on a shared nextcloud folder.

Maybe a strange suggestion, but have a look at Zammad (See wiki). You can mail/reply your own Zammad instance on the same ticket number (server). From within Zammad tickets, you can have/create links to your Nextcloud detailed notes/markdown/whatever.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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What about using a wiki? I use dokuwiki, it supports all your mentioned points. For Markdown there’s a plugin, if you don’t like the dokuwiki syntax.


Ansible and git, for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did I mentioned that I wanted a GUI ? :wink:

Are these… Notes for humans or… datacollect for analysis?
Also, are you “picking notes” for a faster-replication?

Nope; that’s for me. To remember what I did, how, and when.