Welcome to NethServer Community

Welcome man! Thanks for compliments from whole NsTeam. Hope you enjoy here :wink:

On monday I’m used to welcome new members! And this is an amazing week, because NethServer 6.6 is coming

So please, @pierluigi @Wrrr10G @CharlieWhiting @qchy3015 @Alessandro_Gaggiano @zwing @FalaF @Ivan @palanishanthicse @ernesto_couso @sbaragnus @gavinengel don’t be shy and take a minute to comment below and tell us:

  • who you are?
  • what are you working?
  • what brings you to NethServer?
  • what do you expect to find here?

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I just registered. I saw the post in Linked in and i like this project!

Best wishes!

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Hello there! I am seeking a replacement for Webmin/Virtualmin and also
Ajenti. I work with Fedora a lot, so NethServer holds a lot of interest
for me.

Welcom @jmaillour,
please tell us something about you: where are you from? who you are? what are you working?
Are you Spanish? Upload a photo on your profile so we can see your face… :grimacing:

Ehi Gavin welcome back!
what do you think of this new community platform? Please reply to this topic

About Webmin you could find useful this FAQ, can you help me to expand it? Please comment here:

Thank you @alefattorini!

Yes, I’m from Spain and I work as Systems Administrator in IBM working with iSeries, xSeries and Storage Systems. Now I 'm currently looking for new goals and improve in my career in the world of IT.

Haha, Ok! I will upload in few!

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It’s @FalaF bug report that I feel more comfortable in this community. It’s TOO Western .

Where is my place in this community? What do I do to help? but this thread is important to know other people


Hi all of you beautiful newcomers! :grin:
Every monday we give a big warm welcome to our new members, this week you are 30! Impressive.
So please, if you’re new here, don’t be shy and don’t be worried about your english but take a minute to comment below and tell us:

  • who you are?
  • where are you from?
  • what are you working?
  • what brings you to NethServer?
  • what do you expect to find here?

Looking at you @anthony @pradeep_atta @vijith_kankol @PParker @philions @8omas @chanchal @ripkurrle @juanl_arias @gsiotas @sudarson @fmoreira @testes0209 @luisdardon @Joachim_Lazaroms @leobardooscar @Gene @abhattacharjee @cwbratcher @rbarcus @Tadvrat @Dmitry @amaku05 @mrafonso @Rajeev_P @Bienvenu_Haman @mstsas @enrilor @vandanaeurope5 @jmaillour


who you are?
I’m Fmoreira86. I work in a Integrator company.

I hold some certs like Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCSE, Checkpoint CCSA, Palo Alto… etc

I like to play with opensource technologies for personal projects.

where are you from?

what brings you to NethServer?
I’m searching for an alternative for Zentyal Server in terms of AD.

what do you expect to find here?
A good comunity opened to take nethserver to the “next level” :slight_smile:

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Welcome on NSteam :smiley:,
another guy from Portugal, a bunch of spanish language here :wink:
please feel free to ask, propose new feature or chat with/about community.
Hope someone else want follow your example, come on guys!

Hi everyone! Hi @alefattorini
I’m from Sydney, web developer, Slackware and Windows user, Linux enthusiast :kissing_heart:


Welcome @sl4ck I think you’re the first from “Oceanian” :smiley: Slackware user that’s fun!
What brings you to NethServer?

Web developer? So you’re friendly with php and could advise @davidep @Stll0 and @giacomo about NethGui! http://docs.nethserver.org/projects/nethserver-devel/en/latest/web_interface.html

Thanks @alefattorini. I need samba 4 that doesn’t exists on Slackware.
NethGui is great, I’m just trying to figure out how to add mono in it for running .NET applications.
Also trying to install PHP 4 because on Slack I’ve some old old applications that need it…not lucky right now :disappointed:

Hi Guys :smile:

who you are?
My name is Bogdan (Ctek)

where are you from?
I’m from Romania

what are you working?
I’m a sys. adm with Windows / Linux background.
I provide administration and IT management services for some companies.
I’ve have some experience with eBox/Zentyal, ClearOS, pfSense, Monowall, Linux distributions (Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian… etc) M$ systems Desktop/Server. moderate PHP experience. :slight_smile: Hardware/Software skils…

what brings you to NethServer?
Simply put. The need to find a good server software that will help me and others.

what do you expect to find here?
A comunity based on open source philosophy and collaboration between people with the same goal.

And i hope I can help in some way the comunity since I’ve been helped by the comunity as well.

Best regards
PS: This introduction seemed like a CV :blush:

That’s a great CV welcome to the family :smiley:
NethServer is expanding into Central-Europe as well!
I’m watching your installation appearing on this map

Who are you?
I’m Diego Dmitry. I work in department of political.
Where are you from?
i’m from Brazil
What brings you to NethServer?
I’m searching for an alternative for Active Directory and Exchange Server.
What do you expect to find here?
Exchange of knowledge, help and be helped.

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You have found the right place!
@Dmitry I want to give you a big welcome to NethServer Community by all NethServeriziens!
I think that many people in this community have migrated from Exchange to NethServer.
Personally I have quit Exchange Server many years ago so feel free to post your question and, if you haven’t done yet, take a look to this post:

I hope that in this community you will be able to find aswers to your question and help you are looking for.


I thank you for motivating words. I really want to know the NetheServer to be able to help others.

Yes I think so @Dmitry

I’m curios…have you already downloaded and installed NethServer?
If yes, which are your feelings?

I think that I could have something that would be very useful for you…
Stay tuned!