Welcome to NethServer Community

Welcome @OpenMercury to NethServer community. :smiley:

Please, could you be so kind to give us some information about what do you think of NethServer and deployments you use for?

Thank you.


Hello and thank you Sitz

I think NethServer would be of great benefit to clients and organizations looking for a MS sbs alternative solution. Especially small businesses and non profit organizations who have limited budgets for IT infrastructure.

I am very interested in open source and Linux distributions that offer sbs functions.

I have not deployed NethServer in any environments as of yet but I hope to participate in the development. This is my first time participating in a developing server distribution.

I hope I can help!


@OpenMercury you landed in the right place! :wink:

Hi there,

thanks to @alefattorini for the invite, I come from the Nethserver-it google group, let me introduce myself.
I’m experienced computer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in architecture, design, and implementation of service-oriented architectures and distributed systems in Java and JEE technologies.
Actually I work as Systems Architect and Senior Java Developer in a IT company with responsabilities in implementation of several large scale projects based on Alfresco ECM and Liferay Portal.
Open source and IT security enthusiast, I’m heavy metal and GNU/Linux lover.
I had a nice user-experience with Nethserver in the past, a powerful project indeed!
Credit to these guys

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Uh really interesting CV and presentation! Welcome aboard @joel3 hope that you like this new place :wink:

Happy Tuesday NsTeam!
Every week we share some quick announcements and we all give a big warm welcome to our new members.
If you’re new here, please comment below and tell us who you are and what you’re working on.

Okay now over to you new members. Comment below and introduce yourselves! Looking at you:
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A special welcome to my friend @jhibbets who is #cmgr at RedHat and also the 100th member!

That’s all? I will try to welcome people when they speak if I see their messages!


Great to see so much interest in NethServer! I hope the next 6.6 Final release will pay back your curiosity :smiley:



I will test 6.6, please do RC2!.. I might grab a 32bit computer for server today


WOW this group is growing a lot, which is awesome!!
A lot of new members registered last week: 46
So please, if you’re new here, don’t be shy and take a minute to comment below and tell us:

  • who you are?
  • what are you working?
  • what brings you to NethServer?
  • what do you expect to find here?

Looking at you @mikep9 @intelec @Gianluca @jgjimenezs @a_malucchi @martin @sassetti_s @esseltre84 @giulio_dipego @giuliodipego
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who you are?

My name is Jose Gregorio Sanchez Jimenez

 what are you working?

I have a computer service company with my wife, Outsourcing among other things related to computer systems.

 Brings you to NethServer what?

Functions, modules, security and adaptation to common needs in a company.

 what do you expect to find here?

Friends, additional support and contributions as a sysadmin I go making, and can provide answers to others in this great community.

:coffee: :+1:


According to your mail I respond your questions as follows:

- who you are?

I`m a 55 years old German, who uses Linux since 1999. Nowadays I have Linux-Systems for media-entertainment (Kodi on Raspberry-Pi, TvHeadendServer ) Digital and analogue Photowork is handled by a special Ubunutu based Linux machine with Darktable and Fotoxx combined with some tools for monitor-calibration and other issues. My Netbook is running Linux-Mint. Beside my Media-Server I have a simple SME-Server for several mail-accounts, firewall and SMB services. I intend to install a DMS system called EcoDMS.

- what are you working?

I work in an office, where I have a Windows 7 computer connected to a Windows Server. There is a need for Windows because our main software “Lexware” only runs on Windows-systems. Beside this I have installed a SME-Server V8 for mail, firewall and some other issues.

what brings you to NethServer?

I have been using E-Smith-Server since version 3.0 in 2000. Since Mitel/SME version 7 the development and the contribs lost quality and lot of contribs available for the 6.01 version (which was the best from my point of view) weren`t updated anymore. At that time I heard of your fork from SME and had a look at it. Now I would like to give Nethserver a chance because of owncloud/Sogo.

· what do you expect to find here?

I expect to find a community server edition that works like the SME in the times of the 6.0/6.01 version. I would appreciate modules/contribs as TvHeadend and solutions for syncing different windows and linux based computers and smart-phones. I would like a “disk-extender” as the windows home server V1 or NAS4Free as an alternative to the software raid.



Hei @jgjimenezs where are you from? Where to start? Take a look at our howtos and features do you think are interesting? Feel free to reply to existing topics with your feelings.
Hope new people follow your example, we can use this topic to make new friends :smile: or we could create a new one, what do you think?
I want create a “water cooler” environment where people can go to engage in light-hearted conversation.

Hey Karl happy to hear you :slight_smile:
welcome aboard! That’s a great presentation! :smile:
Please bring here your experience with SME it could be very useful!

Do you tried Owncloud? What do you think about it?

Today I’m going to release new SOGo version, it’s available yet. Please install, test it out and let me know

@alefattorini I am from Venezuela, I like computer security and more Linux. Of course we will be friend. As you can’ll share my opinions and cases. :beers:

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Hi everybody,
today I want to give a big welcome to a great guy @sassetti_s that accepted my invitation to NethServer Community.
@sassetti_s could you introduce yourself telling us what do you like to do with IT technologies and what you are specialized in?
I’m sure that your know how and your passion for IT technologies will give a big hand to this community.
Thank you.

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I’m very glad to announce to you all an another great guy @FalaF that have accepted my invitation to join this community.

Please @FalaF could you take some minutes to introduce yourself? Where are you from? What do you do? What do you like of NethServer and which it uses for?


Please @sassetti_s @FalaF


Hi Everybody!!!

@alefattorini Yes i’m shy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m from Italy,are employed as a IT technician in a Tuscan company that assists small and medium enterprises, I’m studying to specialize in networking with a CISCO certification.

I’m not very experienced in the Linux world, for the moment will setup a Nethserver for domestic use to gain experience and grow together in this project.


Welcome aboard @FalaF and thank you for your presentation!
After you will have installed your home NethServer please give us your feedback and feel free to ask support!

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