Welcome NethServer People, why are you here?

It’s been a while since our last welcome to new users (my fault!)
But I’d like to re-establish an old ritual here in our community
Let’s give a big “hi” to our new members over the last months :clap: :clap:

What brings you here? Why are you using NethServer? :question: :grey_question:

Make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community

If you never introduced yourself this is a good opportunity :slight_smile:


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Hi and thanks for the reach-out. I’m an smeserver/e-smith veteran trialing nethserver as a replacement for smeserver 9.2. I will be installing & testing nethserver and migrating a number of 9.2 servers over the next few months if all goes well and from what I’ve seen documented so far, the transition should be not too difficult. My clients include non-profits as well as sme’s. Not sure yet whether I’ll be going bare bones for these installs or kvm. kvm installed on ubuntu has proved a very reliable host platform for 9.2 smeserver. Thanks again for the welcome.


Ehi Graeme welcome aboard!
How many sme are you going to migrate? Kvm is perfect for nethserver

Hi Alessio. 4 or five migrations. I’ve been testing both barebones and KVM setups this week and haven’t got to a migration test yet though I’ve looked at the migration script and it looks very similar to what I’d do for migrating an smeserver to new hardware with a manual rsync of data. So apart from file locations, nothing really new to be concerned about. VMs certainly make migrations to new hardware much more straightforward but they are more complicated than barebones installs to backup and manage. I’m very interested in exploring the remote backup options in Nethserver too - I made attempts to get this working reliably years ago with remote rsync rdiff-backup but internet connection speeds were not up to the task of performing this reliably back then.


Hi Alessio.

As you may remember, I’m a refugee from ClearOS. ClearOS is supposed to be working on the next thing but they haven’t shared anything with the users. Over the past 6 -12 months, security and other updates are not being made available. Last week the update servers died.

I have been slowly upgrading hardware and migrating over all my “home” servers to OPNsense + Proxmox + NethServer. The community is very helpful and welcoming. In particular, I’ve gotten lots of help from @Andy_Wismer in this migration. Some days it’s like trying to drink water from a firehose … :rofl:

Now I’m moving registrars & DNS service away from ClearOS as I’ve lost confidence. I suspect that this service will die soon. It is sad that all the work that Peter, Benjamin, Nick and so many others have contributed is going down the toilet.

Thanks to everyone in the NethServer community for your help!


So sad for them :frowning:

@Andy_Wismer is :top:

Do you know them? Could you please link their profile? Maybe they wanna start with a new project…


Hello @alefattorini
I’ve invited Nick to join us.

I’m not connected directly to Peter and Ben and they haven’t been on the Clear forums for some time. So unfortunately, I can’t ask them.


Great it would be great t offer an alternative to clearos people

I came here looking for an easy way to set up a gateway, proxy and firewall system. I was a ClearOS user first, but after finding NS I think I’ve found a good solution for my home setup.

Ehi Enrique! Welcome to our community. Did you try the 8 version yet? I mean NethSecurity and NethServer project

I’d like to welcome our new NethServerians
Let’s give a big “hi” to our 74 new members over the last 2 months

What brings you here? Why are you using NethServer? :question:

Make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community

If you never introduced yourself this is a good opportunity :slight_smile:

doug hello GIF by NickSplat

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It’s a good product. I like how simple NS8 is to administer and work with. Gui is suitable, though I’m a console person, so I find this system nice and easy to work with. Congrats on a fantastic project!