Weekly welcome to new members - 9 Jan 17

Happy New Year NethServer Family,
how is this new start going? Although I missed our weekly welcome for two weeks, I just noticed that 55 new members :heart_eyes: have joined while I have been away! :grinning:
Wow, so energizing! :muscle:

Our community already knows what’s happening here, this is my personal welcome to our new blood, asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

We can’t wait to get to know each of you, please comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

Help me give a very warm welcome to:

And if you’ve been here for a while @welcome_commitee please comment below and welcome our new members, and help them out with their questions.


WoW what a list of newe faces! I love it!
Welcome all and help us make this community the best online community ever!

Have questions? ASK!
Have use cases and experiences to tell? SHARE!

Feel free to introduce yourselves and tell us what brought you to this place. Together we can help you and a lot other members solve our ict needs, problems and wishes.



first of all I apologize for my English

My name is Roberto Schiano, I’m from Porto Santo Stefano ITA.
My job is IT technician to SBM (Small and medium-sized enterprises).

I have a windows server experiences and recently I looked at the Open Source. I accidentally discovered Nethserver that could solve many problems.
I installed nethserver several times already and I’m trying.



Hello all,
My name is Dale Cliett and I’m from the USA.
I work in IT with windows server, desktop, and mac but Linux is my hobby that I hope to one day
make a career out of.
I came across Nethserver while trying to find alternatives to Zentyal and Sophos.
Shout out to the Devs, great job on Nethserver!
Best Wishes,

Ehi Dale,
happy to see you here and welcome. What do you do for work? Which kind of company is your?

Did you find a good alternative? Why?

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Ehi Roberto welcome here, I’m so sorry for the late response!
Thanks for posting and introducing yourself.
If you would like to help, I would love to see your participation too. How would you like to be involved?
Please share your challenges and tests :slight_smile:

Sophos was full of features, but I needed more than just a firewall so after about a year I tried Zentyal. Zentyal was good and I used it as my Domain Controller, firewall, and vm host server for about a year but when it crashed during an update I decided to go with Nethserver instead.
I work in IT in a Windows server and desktop environment with some apple pc as well.

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