Weekly welcome to new members - 5 Sep 16

Goooood morningggggg NethServer Family!
This is going to be a great week! Beta2 ISO is ready and I’m working on the official Announcement, I hope that for the last time we need your help in making NethServer 7 rock-solid!

Now lets welcome everyone that joined the group in the last week. If you’re new here, welcome to the NethServer community. Consider this your home for anything you need related to NethServer and take a look at what recently happened here.

Help us get to know you by commenting below and telling us:

  • One challenge you’re thinking through right now
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it? What are your feelings?

Looking at you


Welcome all new NethServians. Feel free to introduce yourselves. Maybe even ask a question if you are stuck somewhere (with NethServer that is… financial problems are over our heads… :wink: )
Good to see last week we had almost 20 new members!
Exciting times are ahead since NS7b2 is ready and we are working hard towards the final release.
Feel welcome and don’t be shy. Lets hear what drives you!


Good Morning :))

Microsoft killed SBS so I started to looking around for replacement.
I have tested few products, and I do not now why nethserver was the last one.

I was googling: linux small business server, sms linux replacement and I have found clear os, zentayal, and a lot of others and then I found nethserver.

Why so late!!! Now I have setup one mail server and it is working. I am testing module after module and I am very happy it is all working out of box!!!
I have problem with active directory (I started to test windows - samba services) on vmware, so I will setup it on physical machine soon.

My feelings? I felt in love, I bought nethserver.pl domain and I want to make nethserver one of my business here in poland.
I need some time to be nethserver geek and than: „I’ll be back” :wink: to discuss how to make a business with you :slight_smile:



Every day we are pleased to see that more join our community, are all welcome.

We’re here to help


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As many users, i’m coming from zentyal. I looked for another solution when i saw modules abandoned. I hope this wouldn’t be the same here:wink:.

I’m running nethserver for about one year in my home on a proliant microserver gen 7 for five users.

I’m using it for:
file server
jabber (with s2s)
groupware (sogo)
and proxy/filter (since 2 week when i decided to abandone sophos utm too).

i’m also using fantastic modules like ddclient, transmission and crontab manager.

I started to test ns7 beta2 since a week to see if a migration would be possible when final version will come.



Welcome @bruno
Don’t worry. NethServer community is rock solid and the devvers have stated clearly that NethServer support will not change. No modules will be dropped to not come back again. Sure, there might be upstream changes that force to look for other solutions. Look at SOGo: Inverse (the developers of SOGo) decided to not maintain rpm’s and deb’s anymore for non paying customers. This means if NethServer wants to keep using SOGo, rpm’s must be created from source (or used from another 3rd party which means a possible liability) . This might end up with dropping SOGo in favor of another groupware option. to read more about this see: SOGo repositories soon to be only for paid support customers
Anyway, feel free to jump into the discussion. All feedback and opinion is highly appreciated!


you shoot straight.

Sogo is for the moment the point the most worrying for me. It’s the only thing who need a little correction to work correctly in ns7 beta 2 but after two or three step it work well (for what i saw).
I tested webtop (very quickly i confess) last year when i decided to jump on ns and don’t like it.
I prefered sogo because i used it on zentyal. It would be annoying to have to change.

Or may be i could give it another chance and test it deeper.

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I’m sorry to see you disappointed, I hope you help us to make webtop the best groupware ever /cc @gabriele_bulfon

Yes, pleas jump on the nethtop / webtop bandwagon, and give us the best of your feedback, we’re almost reaching a public beta for Webtop5.