Weekly welcome to new members - 4 Jul 16

Ehiiii NethServer team,
first Monday of July and 30 degrees here in Italy, the summer is getting more and more hot! :sunny::surfer:

Every Monday we welcome our new members (21 this time!) asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

In case you’re not a native English I know that writing in a different language isn’t trivial and I can understand your concern (I’m not good in English at all) but please try! Don’t worry, feel safe! :innocent:

Now… let’s welcome all of our new NethServerians yes? If you’re new here, hola!
Welcome to the NethServer community. You are now one of us. Remember, one of usssss!! :two_men_holding_hands:

Soooooo if you’re new to the group, welcome! Please give you a chance to introduce yourselves telling us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

Looking at you:

  • @Myo_Min_Paing - Myo Min Paing - Myanmar ( Do you need help with DHCP?)
  • @jtetteh - Joseph Tetteh - Ghana (Ehi a friend from Africa :slight_smile:!)
  • @gdru - Gerrit Druschke - Paraguay (Issues with your first installation?)
  • @andrecorpit - andre - South Africa (Did you resolve your DHCP problem yet?)
  • @masterlanpc - bylinuxmaster - mexico (Need help with SSL?)
  • @serhry - Serhiy Hryhoretskyy - Italy (Thanks for you info on SeLinux!)
  • @Nicholas_Barnaby - Nicholas Barnaby - Canada
  • @Neil_Batchelor - Neil Batchelor - UK (Ehi Neil, we have some people from UK like you!)
  • @gebraffo - Raffaele - Italy (Ciao Raffaele, di dove sei? Please answer in English!)
  • @raffaele.polimeno - Raffaele - Italy (Wow due raffaele in un colpo solo, Benvenuto!)
  • @szerviz - szerviz (Are interested in Webtop? Good news soon.)
  • @Syed786 - Syed Pasha - Swaziland (What about our alpha3?)
  • @m.traeumner - Michael Träumner - Germany (Looks like you are a great SOGo fan!)
  • @txchong - T Chong - Singapore (You should meet our @vhinzsanchez )
  • @longdavide - DAVIDE LONGOBARDI - Italia (Another Webtop user, everything ok?)
  • @Daniel_Battistello - Daniel Battistello - Italia (Are you look for a groupware?)
  • @Rodrigo_da_Silva - Rodrigo Da Silva - Brasil (Do you need to block Facebook?)
  • @mgonzolla - Miguel Gonzalez - USA (Every newcomer should reply to this discussion!)
  • @SkintArtist - Josh Robbins - United States (Wow a real artist here? We need your skills man!)
  • @Marcio_G_Ferreira - Márcio G Ferreira - Brasil (You definitely have many Brazilian friends here!)
  • @Conrado_Rebuffo1 - Conrado Rebuffo - Argentina (Are you interested in Owncloud/NextCloud?)


Welcome all.

In Latin America, Venezuela, is cold weather and rain

The important thing is that we are united by Nethserver.

On #chat at We have a section where we can speak in our native language.
Take advantage then to invite @gdru, @masterlanpc and @Conrado_Rebuffo1 into our space in Spanish.

Again, welcome always :v::thumbsup:


first I want to say thank you for such a warm welcome!

Most Linux forms are not so forgiving to newbies. I do feel like there is a little bit of a language gap in some of the posts. I seem to be missing a few parts of sentences in English on the form so I am guessing you all are missing a few words in translation of what I am saying too. I do read Spanish fairly well, but I don’t write it so I don’t see a better way to communicate. Also, I have a very limited Linux knowledge and feel like i have given the wrong impression. Due to these limits I think it would be wise for me to sit back a read, learn rather than post thank you again for including me in many of your discussions.


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Happy to hear this, I can definitely say that this community is special and not thanks to me but to these amazing guys!

Please be patient with some of the posts :slight_smile:

Ehi man, don’t worry you don’t need to be a Linux Expert here, just feel NethServer enthusiast :slight_smile:

As I said recently, we want everyone to feel like they have something valuable (and brilliant) to offer, regardless of their skills or how long they have been around the project.


In this tribe all opinions are valuable and important :sunglasses: