Weekly welcome to new members - 27 Jun 16

Heeeelloooo NethServer people,
we’re starting off a new week and I hope you all had a great weekend!

NethServer people already know what we are used doing here, every Monday we welcome our new members (24 this time!) asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

I want everyone to feel like they have something valuable (and brilliant) to offer, regardless of how long they have been around the project. In case you’re not a native English I know that writing in a different language isn’t trivial and I can understand your concern (I’m not good in English at all) but please try! Don’t worry, feel safe! :innocent:

Soooooo if you’re new to the group, welcome! We’re really glad you’ve found NethServer. Please give you a chance to introduce yourselves telling us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

Looking at you:


Thank you.
I don’t know what I will be able to contribute, but I’m a long-time Linux user. I’m grateful for the contributions of others, and I would love to give something back.


Good day to Nethserver guys, I’m from Thailand in south part with great Sea Sand and Sunshine.
I had work in freelance about some IT Administrator (minor job) :slight_smile: and freelance about travel (major job) :smile:

I’d ever use smeserver and I think that one is grate community from that part I’d found You. Nethserver is a great guys with very friendly support.

Best Regards,


Hey if you visit Thailand in south contact me to joint a Beers, :wink:


Goodmorning everyone.
I work in Protobyte Italia, an IT company, as a systems engineer. I started using recently NethServer and I’m trying all various features. The goal is to adopt it as an alternative platform to Windows Small Business / Essentials.
VPN (almost) tamed :slight_smile:


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Good morning everyone.
I’m from Brazil and I am IT administrator. Nethserver already use more than one year, but recently decided to enter the forum.

The problem that I have with the proxy is that my antivirus is not managing to authenticate with it, so I went looking for a solution to the bypass not be working, but unfortunately did not. My manual proxy on port 3128 is blocking the authentication Avast bussiness.

I really enjoyed this form of presentation, congratulations different way of bringing people together.


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Hi @MauroStallone

Welcome here.
Thank you for posting.

Can I suggest to open a new discussion about your proxy setting and the blocked Avast.

Quick searching on the Avast knowledge base, it seem you have to configure each client to go through the proxy without authentification.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the welcome. I’m from the Netherlands and starting a new IT company. I’m using Nethserver for a stable platform for a mailserver (and controlling users). At this moment i’m busy with implementing the backup-module to backup to my Synology server.

Nethserver is a very good and stable platform. I’m looking forward to contribute.



Sorry for the late reply guys, bear with me! :confounded:

Ehi Russel welcome here! What are your skills? Can you tell us something about you? How would you like to be involved in our project?

Thanks for your compliments :blush: . How are you using NethServer? Which kind of installations do you have?

Hi Alberto, are you an Enterprise customer too? Right?

Thanks for your coming out! :smiley:
I guess we have many NethServer users who didn’t enter the community yet. How can we involve them? Any idea?

Ehi Jan!!! We have a great dutch guy here @robb! :slight_smile: How many installations do you have yet?
Do you need help with your module?

Great to hear your willingness to contribute :thumbsup:
How would you like to be involved? Which skills do you have?