Weekly welcome to new members - 22 Aug 16

Heeeello NethServer family!
Sorry for my late welcome but I was on vacation :airplane: on our dazzling Italian Dolomites :mount_fuji: (Everyone deserves a vacation sometimes, Me too!)
Hope you’re well and feel energized :zap: did you all have great weekends? What did you do? Anything exciting?

Do you know what lies ahead of us in the coming weeks? Stay tuned, lots of great stuff on the horizon!

Now let’s give a big, warm, NethServer welcome to all of the beautiful new faces in the family.
If you’re a new member here :wave: comment below, and tell us a little about yourself. You can answer any of these questions, or make up your own:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it? What are your feelings?

Looking at you:

Welcome to the NethServer community. We’re so glad to have all of you here and can’t wait to learn more about you. Count on this group any time you need help with NethServer and system administration.

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Welcome back @alefattorini! I feel energized too :smile:

Welcome everyone
do not be shy, feel free to post, raise and be proud to use Nethserver!


I’m a network engineer, graduated since 8 months working as a system admin,
my manager tell me about the CentOS servers, I choose to learn first on
Nethserver and I found it amazing.

Best Regards.

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Thanks for taking the time to replying, why did you choose NethServer first? Very curious!
Do you have some CentOS to administrate yet?
Good luck with your work!

I watched some tutorials on Nethserver and found it very useful and it
could be enough to get the service I need like the IPS and Bandwidth

Did you look some video from @saikrishnavedaraju ?

Yes, these are the videos which I watched before.

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I’m a 53 year-old self-employed “computer guy” from the OC, California, now living in Pahrump, Nevada with my husband Bruce, and I had several strokes in 2010 and I’m sort of retired. For my business I worked only Microsoft desktop and server but at home I used starting playing with Linux about '05. Now since I’m retired Linux is the main OS that I work with it and I especially interested with Samba Active Directory.



I’m a 43 year old freelance IT consultant from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m specialised in VMware, Windows, Linux, and security. I have been working with RedHat since 2001 (later mostly Centos), and I was intrigued by the simplicity offered by Nethserver to common administration and configuration tasks.

I have deployed Nethserver 7 Beta1 in a home lab, and it’s proven surprisingly stable so far. I hope to write a bit about my experience with Nethserver soon along with some ideas for improvements.

Best regards,


This is BAINWAVE (Basic Information Wave) from Hyderabad, India. Having experience around 15+ years on various technologies related to Infrastructure. Am a lover of open source and having experience in IPPBX & Mailing solutions apart from regular Servers (Ms, Nix, Virtualisation) bla bla…

Married and Blessed with 2 daughters.

Just deployed NethServer and in the process of evaluating.

Let you know my observations and finding with this server
Bye for now

Ehi @JeffBales @Chakindra @bainwave
great to see you here and thsnks for posting and introducing yourself.

We need your expertise here, great post about Beta1 again! Please chime in with more experiences!

Good to know! Keep us updated as you go, we have to improve NethServer together. :grinning:

Have you checked our new Asterisk FreePBX module out? I’d love to hear how it goes. :+1:

Welcome @JeffBales
Good to see us ‘oldies’ are here too. Great you embraced opensource and NethServer! Boy are you lucky with the new version of NethServer coming up. With NS7 Samba4 will be implemented and Samba AD will be available for you. Looking forward to hear your experience and suggestion to make the project better.

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Hi @ismaielsami, NethServer will prove the greatest ride of your life learning CentOS servers. First part will be the easy one since NS is completely administered through an intuitive webinterface. After that the fun really starts! You will discover that besides the application repository, you can do with NS as much as you can do with a default CentOS server. So, loads of learning to come!

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Hi @Chakindra
Great to see tech savvy people like you join our community too. Your experience is what our community and the project drives to make it even better. If you need any information on how to find your way within the community, don’t hesitate to contact the community team: @alefattorini, @Jim, @vhinzsanchez or myself (@robb) We will be available to point you in the right direction.

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hello, everyone. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Hai @bainwave,
If you have browsed our memberslist you will discover that they are from all over the globe.
Since NS also has an Asterisk module, we would love your feedback on that!
Feel free to ask question in these forums. If you feel brave enough you even might start a howto on the Asterisk module.
Welcome in the NethServer community.

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Hi I’m sam from edinburgh in the UK
I’m just an amateur with a little server experience. Setting up 7 beta in the home
Trying to work out content filtering levels for different age groups at home.
On first look and a month playing I feel that nethserver could do with a separate user log in something similar to sopos utm which users can easily go to to download cets, openvpn details and directly tie content filtering and other services to the user logged in.

But I like it
Keep up the good work


I’m looking forward for that.

Big Thanks.