Weekly welcome to new members - 20 Mar

Hello folks,
If you’re new to this group, then this thread is for you! It’s your chance to say hola, and tell us a bit about yourselves.
Make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Family! As always, don’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid questions’

Please comment below and tell us:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. Why is NethServer important to you?

Looking at you

G’day Dave here, or DVR as I am usually referred to. Been in IT for 30
years now.
A complete supporter and opportunist with Linux and gaps that systems like
Neth fill are m favorite.

I had mentioned on one of the forums that I’d like to see something like
SpaceWalk http://spacewalk.redhat.com/ integrated into Neth. It would
completely round out the system.

Hope to speak with everyone.


Ehi Dave,
welcome here! Are you working for a small or big company?
Are you using NethServer at work? Or just for personal use?

Thanks for jumping into the discussion right away!
I hope that many other new members will follow your example!

I work for a MSP and as for me, I’m a linux advocate and always looking to learn and be apart of more.

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