Weekly welcome to new members - 20 Feb 17

Goooood moooorning folks.
After the amazing last week, another great achievement for our dear Community. This time even a round number: 50 new friends.

Ehi guys, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Family! Don’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid questions’. Someone else will learn from every stupid question that you ask. Share your plans and goals!

You can get started by introducing yourselves in the comment thread below and answering one of these questions?

  • What you’re working on and what are your skills?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you need some help or resources on NethServer?

Looking at you:


Welcome again to @ehrnest01 @Keith_Haines @matteo.albinola @Stefano_Costantini @sakbal @penzoiders @GOB @pfinardi @DoctorAnoniem @dcoelho @sebastien @gbr @swit_ayhan03 @nobearclaw @phucktank
you have moved your first step in the last week, so it would be awesome if you tell us what you’re working on and what are your skills. What brings you to NethServer?

Please remind that

What a great list of new members! Welcome all. Don’t be shy, come and introduce yourselves.

I’m having a course on computers and networks, I’m 17.
I love networks and I’m developing a big one and I’d like to use NethServer.
I don’t know how I will cause I’m a nub in Linux but I want to help develop IPv6 in NethServer so I can use it in my Network


Hi Tiago, welcome here! Great to hear from you
I suggest you this discussion, please add your suggestions there

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Hi @alefattorini thanks for the welcome and thanks to all of you for this wonderful community and project.
I do, among other more infrastructural things, the “on demand sysadmin” for small companies and no profits that have no IT skills in-house.

What brought me to NS is mainly the need for a Samba 4 real Active Domain controller that I can easily upgrade without compiling the whole samba on each box. I was used to sernet samba packages and doing fine but now it has turned to paid repos and I prefer using and contributing to an open and free project (and no profits and hyper low budget customers too).
If that free project brings so many other good things and integrations as NS there’s not much left to think on. Just tested it and now is already in production on a couple of sites. Looking to replace all other DCs that are getting obsolete over there. (Nextcloud integration out of the box was another big plus all my users will enjoy).

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Gostei bastante da ferramenta ! estou aprendendo ela para colocar aqui na
empresa onde trabalho.


Ehi @penzoiders you’re welcome. How would you like be involved in our community? We have a lot of things to do, definitely :slight_smile:

@jpavoni can we help to speed up the learning process? :slight_smile:

I’d love to be involved, unfortunately time is not much on my side, but I’ll gladly help out on anything I can… For shure I’ll do an hardcore testing for Samba4/WindowsAD domain migrations to NS… I’m planning them out on customer side and report back any findings. If you have a “community to-do list” I can maybe take a look and see where I can help out.

thanks again for the wonderful work.


Could you please take a look at our #support or #feature category and find a few posts that would really benefit from you sharing some of your expertise? Would you mind helping some people out? I’d really appreciate it

Here you can find more suggestions

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OK, as soon as I start my testing with production scenarios I’ll report back for shure on the Samba AD DC, since I’m quite tied up with schedules I think I’ll provide at least a gigabit mirror :wink: and post it on the right thread. cheers.


Estou procurando livros …