Weekly welcome to new members - 12 Sep 16

Hellooooo NethServer Fam :heart_eyes:
Happy Monday I hope you all had a great week-end and are feeling refreshed and ready to rock this week.

As you already know today it’s a big day! We have just released Bruschetta! What’s the heck is Bruschetta? Click here to learn more. :bread:

Now let’s give a big, warm, NethServer welcome to all of the beautiful 21 new faces in the family:
####Welcome to the NethServer community!

We’re so glad to have all of you here and can’t wait to learn more about you. Count on this group any time you need help with NethServer and system administration.

Please, comment below, and tell us a little about yourself. You can answer any of these questions, or make up your own:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it? What are your feelings?

Looking at you:


Welcome to everyone, We are proud to know that they are interested NethServer, we are here to answer all your questions and give them the best support.


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WoW! Again 20 new members to the NethServer tribe… :slight_smile: Good to see you all here! And again from all over the globe!
I’d love to know some more about you guys, so please feel free to share some info about your backgrounds and how you ended up on our community forums.


Hi everyone!
I’ve been lurking these forums for quite a while and i decided it’s time to jump on the boat! I really like the community that is being built on these boards and am looking forward to be part of it :smile:

Haven’t really used NS7 yet, i just installed it a few weeks ago but haven’t had the time to play with it yet as i’d like t, apart from nextcloud, freepbx and a few others… Most of my servers are 6.8

I have tried most of the modules you can install from software center, some of which i use on my home server regularly, but i’m particularly interested in the freepbx implementation in NS7, now that i have more free time i’ll probably install NS7 again and start trying the features i haven’t tried yet

Here, just wanted to say Hi and thank you for creating all this!



Glad to hear from you Davide and thanks for breaking the ice I :heart: lurkers! Because they eventually become great members.
Please, let’s play with Beta and kindly share your thoughts on it :sparkles: