Weekly welcome to new members - 12 Dec 16

Hey look! It’s Monday and we have a whole bunch of new members to welcome to the group this week.
###So happy you’re here

Please introduce yourselves by commenting below and telling us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

Hey all, as I come from an sme background I am interested in the improvements you have made to the GUI and latest versions. First question for you is do you have fully working activesync integration with sogo? Or equivalent?

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Hello everybody

I’m running a hosting business here in Switzerland, mainly Windows based. However, we have been starting roughly 2 years ago to run more and more services on CentOS in order to overcome many short comings with Microsoft. Started off with ClearOS, but haven’t been to happy with it. Now we are running Zarafa Groupware for our customers and are running it also internally. While I’m quite happy to usually start off with a CentOS minimal install when creating a new machine, it’s a brilliant “something in between” to have Nethserver on top of plain CentOS. Provides our Windows geeks here a neat gui for the everyday stuff, while still building on stock CentOS. Way to go and extremely well implemented!

Cheers jassonmc


Great to see more SME members here. I hope we can learn from eachother in making both products better. @TW_Lewis, we have the webtop module that implements activesync. For NS7 there will be a newer version of Webtop in thew works. @gabriele_bulfon might be able to give you an update on that.
@jassonmc: Your comments are exactly the reason why NethServer exists. Make a Linux server manageable through an easy to understand GUI. So people without commandline skills actually can run a Linux server.
Did you seek any functionality in NethServer that is currently missing? Maybe we can start an effort to add it.

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Hi everyone,

I used to work for Defence as a network administrator. I have my own small business specialising in databases and data warehousing for small business. I also work full time as an IT teacher.

I am here to further my knowledge in servers for small business.

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Only thing would be is samba4 :slight_smile: but that’s abit of a taboo at the moment.

guess what… the new release of nethserver comes with samba4. check out http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7rc/accounts.html#samba-active-directory-local-provider-installationo

That’s cool, what is this about?

IT teacher? Guess @robb can help you to set up NethServer in your classroom :slight_smile:

You’re in the right place, we will happy to answer all your questions :cat:

@rodley would you be interested to join our @education_team? (@alefattorini please create such a team if not already exist…)
With the ‘best of both worlds’, tech guys AND teachers, we can direct the options for educational purposes of NethServer towards a platform with features that teachers actually need in their day to day lessons.
The nethserver-moodle package is the first in a series of modules that will be added.
I do hope you can give some hands-on feedback so we can tailor NethServer to the educational needs.

Let’s check this out