Weekly welcome to new members - 03 Oct 16

Good morning NethServer Family!
:calendar: October already kicked off and we’re here again with our AWESOME community!

People remember, what’s our mission? Building NethServer with the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the open source space (and not just…)

Well, do you know what’s happening here? Every Monday I personally welcome our new blood asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

Please comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it?

Looking to you:

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I’m Rolf, and I’m planning on moving from ClearOS to NetServer. My main drivers? ClearOs 6 can’t be upgraded to 7, so that’s a great moment to move.
I don’t really like COs’ policy to recompile everything from upstream and put it in their own repo’s.
Furthermore, some software I had installed on COs6 for a one-time price is now ‘upgraded’ to a annual fee.
So, time for a new start.
I’ve installed nethserver 7 beta in a VM on my workstation, to find out if all my requirements can be met. Sofar, everything looks OK. (Although I can’t set details to the windows-shared folders. I can name them, but there are no additional tabs I do see on some screenprints. What am I missing?
Installing squeezeboxserver does not work out of the box, have to look into that.
That’s the same for transmission torrents.
But for the bigger picture: as soon as my new hardware arrives, I’ll give it a go!

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Ehi Rolf,
welcome to the family, happy to see a new guy from the Netherlands ( /cc @robb )

Did you see our ClearOS discussions? Are we missing something big? Do you have all information?
I’d like to help who’s moving in the same direction, a blog post which collects all the useful advice?

Please open some Support topics about these questions!
Our people will be happy to answer and help you further

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Hi @rolf
Welcome to the family. You will find several Dutch speaking members (including me) on the NethServer community. Maybe it’s time to follow the example of our Spanish friends and start a topic in Dutch :slight_smile:
If you like, open a new topic and post some more info of the problems you run into.
I am confident you will find our community helpful and inspiring.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions and remember the only ‘stupid’ question is a question that is not asked.

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Hi Rob,
I’ll post my questions after further diving into it. I agree unasked questions are stupid, but not looking for a solution yourself first is stupid as well!
En sommige postings in t Nederlands… Ik weet niet of dat de community in zn geheel vooruit helpt. De spaanse topics helpen mij iig niet heel veel verder, daar is mn DuoLingo-Spaans te beperkt voor… (Mijn olifant drinkt melk!)


Just to not confuse things: the forums are in English, but if there is a demand for some chit-chat in a native language, we encourage that. All NethServer related topics we prefer to be in English so everybody can understand them and help.


Hi everyone,

I am Senthilkumar Palani from India. I am a Linux enthusiast, Technical writer and Occasional System administrator. I have tested NethServer (in VirtualBox only) many times. As far as I know, NethServer just worked fine.



Hi All,

I’ve only recently stumbled upon NethServer but already I’m impressed. I’ve tried various server distros, (SME, ClearOS, Ubuntu, Zentyal) and NethServer so far suits my needs very well.

I’m in the process of decommissioning a Windows 2003 server and need a new Domain Controller. I’m on the verge of getting Windows Server 2016 but struggling to justify the expense (let alone the licensing headaches that come with it!). We don’t run exchange (we use Icewarp), so all I need a server for is file security (authenticating users and restricting access etc.), DHCP, DNS and LAMP.

It should be straightforward and I’m pretty sure NethServer is capable, I’ve got a couple queries already but I’ll search this community first then post as necessary.

Keep up the great work!


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Ehi man, glad to see a great writer here :slight_smile: I read your Q/A and articles about NethServer.
Did you write for technical magazines too? Would you like to write also for our blog? I’m looking for a technical writer and it’s hard to find in these times.

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Hi Alessio! Yes, i am from Quilmes, southeast of Buenos Aires urban area. And my english is far from perfect :slight_smile:
I trying to replace a very old RH5 bunch of servers doing inet gateway, dns, dhcp, mail and samba file server in a small pharma company with 90 wks (a lot of ubuntu 14.04 and a mess of windows machines)
I m VERY interested on setup a centralized user management system. Is very common to deal whit forgoten password and write/read/whatever permitions over shared samba folders.
I think NS7 whit AD support will be my best options, but time is running out so i am experimenting whit 6.8 as NT domain style controller running inet gateway, dhcp, dns, web proxy (without authentication) and samba.
By this time its working as expected. I just trimming some annoyances. Forum and community have been very helpful!!!
You are a group of amazing persons!!! Tanks a lot.


Hi Alessio.

I’m in Toronto. Just started working for a company that has Nethserver 6.7 in use as the main authentication server using ldap. Mainly Linux machines requiring network authentication.

I’ve started setting up a new server with Nethserver 7.2b2. Using nethserver-dc instead of ldap. Have been successful getting Linux and Windows workstations joined to the domain.

Still familiarising myself with everything. Totally new to Nethserver and Samba4 for AD. Trying to figure out the best way to migrate everyone to the new server. It’d be great if I could easily migrate the old ldap users over to the new nethserver-dc with same passwords and uid/gid mappings. I’m guessing the old password hashes aren’t compatible. Might be easiest to script add the users with new passwords, go with whatever uid/gid are given to the newly created accounts and find/chown all files on the network as necessary.

Got any tips?


Hi Alessio,

Thanks for the positive feedback. I would love to write for our blog. Just send me the procedure and guidelines to start.



Sure, I just send you a PM!

Ehi JK this is pretty cool :slight_smile: how many instances of NethServer do you have installed by your company?

You mean how to upgrade from 6 to 7, right? Migration path isn’t clear yet, please wait for the stable release and stay tuned :pray:

Your English is great and I saw you jumping directly into the action: testing the product and helping people! You’re really welcome here :wink:
Thanks for your compliments, it’s up to you to make the group even better!

Great approach, the community is definitely full of interesting discussions and valuable experiences.
Enjoy this place tough, I’m very curious about your feelings and challenges :slight_smile:

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Hi, Alessio.

Yes, I’m brazilian from São Paulo.
I’m testing Nethserver because I’ve got a client who needs a server that’s
easy to administrate.
I worked a bit with Centos 7 as a web server, but domain controller is the
first time.
I appreciate your invitation to become a tester, but I have so little time.
If, that’s not a problem, I’ll happy to help you.
I wish I could write more, but in English will take me several hours.
I hope I’d made me understandable.
Best regards,

Célio Fukunaga


Celio, I see you already got your hands dirty :+1:

You should connect with other Portuguese and Brazilian folks!
@marceloeng @willaraujo @pedro_gustavo @alexcsilva @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive @Freddy_Brignardello @douglasdiasn @lvicentini @vitorlessati @jfranco @Jim
Wow we should start a new NethServer Brasil

Don’t worry any help is appreciated!

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Welcome Celio!

Feel free to post and contribute to our community!
Nethserver BraSil (With S LoL) will be great!
I will be happy to contribute to the newcomers.

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Welcome Celio!
Bem vindo Celio!

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Hello Everyone!

Nice to see that this batch new comers are actively participating. We look forward into hearing your inputs!