WebVirtMgr VM's console keyboard mismatch

Hi NethServeriziens :smiley:

I have installed WebVirtMgr on NethServer 6.5 to create some VMs: a Windows Seven VM, a NethServer 6.5 VM and a Windows Server 2008 VM.
From my notebook running Windows Seven I have noticed that when I open one of these VM’s console (noVNC) it doesn’t recognize keyboard layout, in my case the italian one.
I have tried even from a desktop keyboard but with same result.

The only workaround I have found is: on my notebook (or desktop PC) changing the keyboard layout to english to be able to use the italian keyboard layout on the VM’s console.

Does anyone know the way to fix this behavior?

I don’t have an installation of WebVirtMgr right here, but I faced the same problem.
I’m pretty sure there is an option inside the virtual machine configuration page

I will not test this because I need!! 32bit version of Nethserver…

I don’t have 64Bit server to test barebone

I can create two 64 bit servers but that’s in QEMU