WebVirtMgr and guest networking

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: WebVirtMgr

I have a problem with kvm and networking.
I have a server with two physical network ports, and after the installation I have created a bond (bond0) with the two card (round robin).
After I created a bridge (br0) with the bond and I have installed samba 4 dc module.
I have also installed the webvirtmgr module, and in the interface section I have lo and br0.
In networking section I have the default device virbr0 in NAT mode.
I created a windows 7 virtual machine with virtio driver, and now I’d like to give an IP on the main network class ( to that machine.

what 's the right way?

Thank you

Please tell us some things about your network. Do you use a DHCP-Server? Do you only have 192.168.1.x adresses?

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