Webtop5 spamfilter training

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: E-Mail

Hi there,

can anybody tell me how to train the spamfilter using webtop?
Do I have to edit the whitelists or does it learn automatically if I just move spam-mails constantly to inbox?


The filter learns by moving mails and there’s additionaly a “Spam” button in Webtop. You may check if the filter learned in rspamd web UI or in /var/log/maillog.

  • By putting a message into the Junk folder , the filters learn it is spam and will assign an higher score to similar messages.
  • On the contrary, by getting a message out of Junk , the filters learn it is ham: next time a lower score will be assigned.

Another important thing, the filter needs to learn hams/spams first:

The Bayesian tests are not active until it has received enough information. This includes a minimum of 200 spams AND 200 hams (false positives).


Hi @mrmarkuz

thank you for your answer. My problem is, that some mails are recognized as spam that should not…

It would be great to have some kind of possibility to easily train the filter based on my ham emails. Or is this possible via the rspamd interface?

To train ham just move them from junk to inbox. You may train in rspamd webinterface too.
If it does not work you may use whitelisting.