Webtop5: Not possible to rename folders with national characters

After doing an import using pst2webtop.sh I wanted to reorganize the imported folders. The import itself worked fine and I could see the folders with the correct characters but when I try to drag and drop the folder nothing happens while it works fine for folders with standard ASCII characters. I then tried to rename the folder it said rename failed even if it looked correct in the UI until I choose to do a reload tree when it will show the original name again.

When moving a folder structure where one sub folder has a national character it works until it hits the folder with the national character and then it stops without moving any sub folders following that one. The characters that I experience problems with are åäöÅÄÖ.

Why you don’t create a folder named and positioned correctly and then move emails from original folder to correct one?

That is kind of possible as a workaround but a big pain to do so. Say I have a folder called Köp with ten sub folders. I’ll then need to recreate all sub folders as well and also move those mails folder by folder regardless of what name they have. When I now look at it a bit further I can see that the mails in those folders doesn’t show up in Webtop. When I look on the disk can I see them.

Edit: I created a folder named “Övrigt” manually under the Inbox and when I look at the directories I see INBOX.&ANY-vrigt. When I look at the corresponding imported folder it’s named .mahaq.Inkorgen.Övrigt. I’m not sure if I can just rename the folder to make the content visible?

Try to rename the folder from CLI with a name compatible with Maildir rules. Remove special characters and all should works. Then rename folder directly from Webtop with the name you want.

@webtop_team could you look into it?

I don’t think it is a problem in WebTop but in the conversion script that is porting the international characters into something strange.
If you create folders with international characters via WebTop or an imap client, you will be able to rename it.


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