Webtop5 including attachments on Reply

NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Wetop5: 1.5.0

Webtop is including attachments when replying to external emails. This should not be the default behaviour. It would be great if there was a right click option of “Reply and Include atttachments”, but this should not be the default behaviour. Not sure when this starting hapenning, but it was just reported to me by a user this morning. It does not happen when replying to a local user.
I could not find any settings for this in Properties when logging in as admin.

And as user? Behavior is configurable?

IMVHO this change of default behavior is a nice thing, saves from sending always back and forth the same files, filling up mailboxes and slowing the message flow (every attachment can be scanned, verified, heuristically evaluated and sometimes even blocked).
But i can understand people who want “reply with attachments” as default setting.

Not sure what you mean, but this behaviour doesn’t exhibit when replying to local users, but only seems to happen when replying to an external address.
I don’t know if it is configurable, that’s what I am hoping and I can turn this behaviour off.
I have never changed anything, and this would not seem like a normal default behaviour, I don’t want the attachment included on a reply, that is not normal use. I don’t think it used to do this, but I can’t be 100%. Maybe it changed or introdused as a bug with last update.
(I just mentioned it would be ok if there was the option, but it isn’t necessary, and shouldn’t be default. ie. Gmail has this option, ‘Include original attachements’ when replying)

Hi @wbilger,
It does not seem to me that the current behavior is what you are describing … :thinking:

I have just made several tests and I confirm that by replying to an external email with attachment, this is NOT re-attached.
The attachment is retained only in case of forwarding.

Can you do some other tests too?
It could be a particular case.

I have tested now with about 10 different external email and they all keep the attachments when replying.
I see there is an update to WebTop 5, but in the details is is nethserver-mail-server 2.11.2, I currently have 2.11.1, not sure if that matters, but I will be installing that update tonight.

Hi @wbilger,
I ran out of ideas and I can’t explain why in your case you always find the attachment when you reply to the email.

I ask @gabriele_bulfon if he can explain this behavior and if he has any ideas on how to solve it.

Hi, I think you’re talking about this closed bug:


Before closing this bug, replying to emails containing inline attachments (such as images referenced in the body), would loose these attachments during reply, causing the replied body to show broken images.
By closing this bug, we include in the reply any attachment that is stated as inline in the original mail, to ensure reply content is not broken.

Maybe these are the replies you’re noticing.


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It is not with inline attachment, all of the testing I did was with attached PDF’s.
The latest update seems to have partially fixed it, I sent a few tests, and the attachments do not get included in reply. But one of the emails I sent before the update still kept the attachment when replying, so not sure what would cause that in this one specific email.