[webtop5] how to view message-headers?

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: webtop5

Hi all,
simple question, with hopefully a simple answer: I’m using webtop5 to view my mail when not at home. Sometimes I want to peak into full mail-message headers .
But I can’t find how to see them when using this webclient.
The search function on this forum, nor google can help me. But for sure you are all smarter than google…

You may click on a mail with the right mouse button to open the context menu and go to “Headers / View headers”:


I’ve tried right mouse click on several places in an e-mail, but not in the grid above.
On other spots it gives the browser context-menu (reload, translate, etc).
But on this place… Duh. :see_no_evil::flushed:


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