Webtop4 Contacts users and alias from LDAP


I try to demo webtop4, it is very good .However, how to get contact users and alias from LDAP Nethserver? I mean, autocomplete to, cc, bcc from LDAP Nethserver.

Thank you

Hi @Ya_Ley,

let’s ask @lucag and @gabriele_bulfon: is it possible?

Hi, yes I believe there is a way to do it, let me think about it and will get back here.


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Ok, it’s an old code to integrate public ldap directories, and it works only if the ldap server has public search access with no password.
@davidep : do you know of any “ldapsearch …” that can be done against nethserver ldap directory without authentication? Actually, if I remember well, we even had to implement a specific “admin” access to lookup the ldap description of a user, that was not available to a regular authenticated user.

On ns6 authenticated bind is always required (user’s credentials are good).

On ns7:

  • nethserver-directory provides an OpenLDAP that allows anonymous binds
  • nethserver-dc provides a Samba Active Directory LDAP: I think anonymous binds does not work…