Webtop vs outlook in exchange configuration missing emails


Firstly with Sogo, then with Webtob, I encountered same problem with a bad syncing for email on outlook, configured with exchange service.

meaning: simply I dont see on outlook all the email … the client is skipping few email to synchronize.

There is maybe something I’m doing wrong?


IMVHO you should instruct your mailserver for imap sync to Exchange.
Or dump messagese into .pst file, therefore import messages into mailbox.

Hi Michael, thank for prompt reply, there is a reading or post u can suggest for a read?



NethServer, no matter if you’re using SoGo, WebTop or whatever supports synching all mail with IMAP/IMAPs. Outlook is “usable” with IMAP, it works stable.

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Hi André, thanks for reply.


I have a client who has about 120’000 mails in Outlook on NethServer, using IMAP…
Add to this that that client always has about 100 mails in edit mode, about 100 Word documents open, and in Firefox 100+ active tabs, I’m quite surprised how well it works…


My 2 cents

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honestly I got no problem with Imap and 30 client sending and receiving, I was fascinated by the feature of auto sync company addresses and looking for shared calendar option (something with free/busy there) … with all this remote working, I’m looking for a way to let have a global vision of all meetings running…

IMVHO IMAP sync only emails, not other informations (Calendar, Address book) between dovecot (NethServer) and Exchange. Dovecot no-groupware, WebTop is.
For Webtop there’s also the component EAS (Exchange Active Sync) which is design to communicate from Webtop to devices (phones, tablets, Outlook 2013) and back, not for syncing with Microsoft Exchange (AFAIK).

If you wish, you can dump data on PST and import data from Outlook 2013 (or later) to Webtop but… Never had a run before…

there is not a way to add just imap email… and activesync calendar and Address Book?

With what?

in outlook for instance… or any other client software

AFAIK yes.
EAS (CalDav, CardDAV) for calendar and address book.
IMAP for messages.

As stated before… did you ever take a run on documentation?

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yes, but the caldav url returned by webtop seems not good to client when trying to import it

Question is: does your server has a valid certificate for the client? :wink:

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You can use caldav synchronizer for calddav/carddav elements with outlook and imap for mails.


The settings for IMAP you can find here:



I have a valid ssl certificate installed on Nethserver and connection are finely secured, but after a double check I think webtop refers o an old certificate not longer installed, no longer valid, how can I check this incongruence?

I would say you can browse to
and look at the details of the certificate at your browser.

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so I can assure no problem with certificate

If you want to use EAS on Outlook you have to create 2 accounts: one for mail with imap/smtp connection and another one with EAS connection for calendars and address books (which also synchronizes your mail and you can’t exclude it).
This leads to an unspeakable confusion on Outlook because you have two separate accounts and you get crazy to manage them.

If you want to use Caldav and Carddav with outlook you have to install this component on outlook:


Then you can use a single account with imap/smtp for receiving/sending mail and CaldavSynchronizer for synchronizing calendars and address books.