Webtop - Rule - Help creating Auto Reply back to sender

Hello @webtop_team , @lucag , @gabriele_bulfon,

I’m attempting to use a Mail Filter rule to reply back to an email automatically. I see a rule action called “Reject the message with response”. How do get this to work?

My usecase is each morning I will receive a test email to my Webtop. I want to send an automatic response back to the sender. Looking at these rules this Reject rule seemed to fit my needs. Not that I want to necessarily reject the email but if it allows for an automatic reply back to sender then this fits my usecase.

Please assist with how I setup this rule. What’s happening now is I receive the email but no auto-reply or rejection is sent back to my Gmail (which is the sender).

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.

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Hello @support_team or @webtop_team ,

Can I get some help/direction please on how to use this filter properly for my use case.

Thank you.

Hello @webtop_team , @lucag , @gabriele_bulfon,

Do you have any advice for me please on how I can use this filter properly? I have a way to test my email received from Gmail…now I want a way to automatically send back a response to the test email I receive each day. I thought the ‘Reject the message with response’ would work but I can’t get it to work for me. Please review and let me know how I send back a response to this test email.

Thank you.

This might help you -


Hello @markareait and thank you for this reply!

So I see there is a Jira task opened to implement this. I can see the filter already in Webtop…so this means the code behind that filter option doesn’t exist? Ok then… I guess I’ll have to wait for this task to (maybe) be completed.